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About me

  • I am a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, Computer Science Department, where I am advised by Dr. Mike Dinitz. I received my Master's degree from University of Calgary, under supervision of Dr. Philipp Woelfel and Dr. George Giakkoupis.

Research Employment

  • Software Engineering Internship at Google NYC, US. Summer 2020. Hosts: Dr. Creighton Thomas, Dr. Jakub Łącki
  • Research Visiting Student at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Winter 2016, Host: Dr. Petra Berenbrink
  • Research Internship at INRIA Rennes, France. Fall 2015. Host: Dr. George Giakkoupis

Research Interests

  • Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
  • Randomized and Approximation Algorithms
  • Combinatorial Optimization, Online Algorithms
  • Graph Algorithms, Dynamic Graph Algorithms


  • Michael Dinitz, Yasamin Nazari, Zeyu Zhang, Lasserre Integrality Gaps for Graph Spanners and Related Problems, WAOA 2020.
  • Yasamin Nazari, Sparse Hopsets in Congested Clique, OPODIS 2019
  • Michael Dinitz and Yasamin Nazari, Massively Parallel Distance Sketches, OPODIS 2019 (Best Student Paper Award).
  • Michael Dinitz and Yasamin Nazari, Distributed Distance-Bounded Network Design Through Distributed Convex Programming, OPODIS 2017.
  • George Giakkoupis, Yasamin Nazari, Philipp Woelfel, How Asynchrony Affects Rumor Spreading Time, PODC 2016.
  • Jakub Łącki, Yasamin Nazari , Near-Optimal Decremental Approximate Multi-Source Shortest Paths, manuscript (to be submitted).
  • Amartya Shankha Biswas, Michal Dory, Mohsen Ghaffari, Slobodan Mitrović, Yasamin Nazari, Massively Parallel Algorithms for Distance Approximation and Spanners, manuscript (to be submitted).
 You can also view an updated list at my Google Scholar page.

Teaching Assistant

  • Spring 2020 (JHU):
    • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Spring 2019 (JHU):
    • Approximation Algorithms
  • Fall 2018, Fall 2017 and Fall 2020 (JHU):
    • Intro to Algorithms
  • Winter 2015 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 513: Computability
  • Fall 2014 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 511: Introduction To Complexity Theory
  • Winter 2014 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 413: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I