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About me

  • I am currently a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, Computer Science Department, where I am advised by Dr. Mike Dinitz. I received my Master's degree from University of Calgary, under supervision of Dr. Philipp Woelfel and Dr. George Giakkoupis.

Research Interests

  • Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
  • Randomized and Approximation Algorithms
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Graph Algorithms


  • Yasamin Nazari, Sparse Hopsets in Congested Clique, OPODIS 2019
  • Michael Dinitz and Yasamin Nazari, Massively Parallel Distance Sketches, OPODIS 2019 (Best Student Paper Award).
  • Michael Dinitz and Yasamin Nazari, Distributed Distance-Bounded Network Design Through Distributed Convex Programming, OPODIS 2017.
  • George Giakkoupis, Yasamin Nazari and Philipp Woelfel, How Asynchrony Affects Rumor Spreading Time, PODC 2016.
  • Michael Dinitz, Yasamin Nazari, Zeyu Zhang, Lasserre Integrality Gaps for Graph Spanners and Related Problems, submitted.

Teaching Assistant

  • Spring 2019 (JHU):
    • Approximation Algorithms
  • Fall 2018 and Fall 2017 (JHU):
    • Intro to Algorithms
  • Winter 2015 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 513: Computability
  • Fall 2014 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 511: Introduction To Complexity Theory
  • Winter 2014 (U Calgary):
    • CPSC 413: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I