Potential Interns

If you are a student at Johns Hopkins then feel free to send me an email.
If you are a student from another university, the appropriate place to look is on the CS webpage that describes opening for Summer Research Experiences. If I have an opening, it will be listed there, and then I encourage you to apply! Emailing me directly will not garner a response, I apologize that I am too busy to answer all such emails that I receive.

Potential Graduate Students

If you are a student considering applying for an MS or PhD, looking to work in our group: thank you for the interest! While you have excellent taste, the appropriate way to get my attention is to apply here through the official process and to describe your interest in the statement of purpose. Please understand that I do not comment on admissions outside that official process; the most you might expect is to receive simple encouragement to apply.

Potential Post-docs

If you are looking for a post-doc, this page lists current explicit openings. If you are interested in pursuing something that isn't listed, feel free to send me an email to ask about it: I apologize if my reply is delayed and potentially brief, but please do reach out if you think there's something worth pursuing.