Course Announcements

  • 11/27 The fourth (and final) HW is available has been posted on the homeworks page.
  • 11/20 The date for the final exam is Saturday 12/16 at 2pm in Shaffer 101.
  • 10/30 The third homework is now available on the website. The homework is due in class on Thursday 11/9
  • 10/23 The description for the second project is now available. The project is due on 11/17.
  • 10/16V2 version of the sample midterm.
  • 10/15Sample midterm
  • 10/15Midterm is coming up this Friday 10/20!
  • 10/09If you want to learn more about IP addressing you can follow this link
  • 10/07 HW2 is now available
  • 9/30 The deadline for the first project has been extended to 10/06 at midnight
  • 9/18 The description for the first project is now available. The project is due on Friday 10/5 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • 9/15 The first homework has been assigned. You can find it on the homeworks page. The homework is due on Friday 9/22 in class.
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