Advanced Computer Networks

Spring 2004


Course Outline

This is a graduate level course on computer networking. The course involves both a reading/lecture/discussion component and a project component. We will read about 30 research papers on various aspects of computer networking: LAN/WAN technologies, congestion/flow control, traffic analysis, intra and inter domain routing , multicast, overlays, P2P systems and quality of service. Students are expected to read papers before the class, submit a one page summary for each paper, and participate in the discussion during the class. The class projects can be either of the following types: design/implementation, measurement, and simulation. The lecture will be conducted in an interactive fashion. The instructor will lead the discussion, but we expect everyone to participate. You will be graded for both the paper summaries and class discussion.

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600.343/443 and/or 600.349/449 or instructor permission

Course Syllabus

During each lecture we are going to present a number of papers covering different networking topics. The list of papers we are going to cover is here.


Follow this link for course announcements, including the list of papers you need to review.

Paper Evaluations

To ensure lively and informative class discussions, you will write evaluations of the papers before we discuss them in class. This page gives more details about where, when and what to write in your reviews.


The course has a project assignment in place of a final exam. More information about the projects can be found here.


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