600.363 Introduction to Algorithms
600.463 Algorithms I

Instructor: Prof. Susan Hohenberger
Office: Wyman Park Building, Room 419
Office Hours: Mondays 11-12
Email: susan@cs.jhu.edu
Phone: 410-516-6718

TA: Ming Chuang
Email: ming@cs.jhu.edu
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-4 in NEB 218

Course Assistants: Roshan Krishnan, Disha Misra, Pao-Han Shih

This is an undergraduate (600.363) and graduate (600.463) introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms. Students may receive credit for 600.363 or 600.463, but not both.

This course is offered Fall of 2009, from 12-1:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays in Shaffer 301 of the JHU Homewood Campus.

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