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I'm personally an enthusiastic traveler, a photographer, a foreign language lover, an amatuer piano player, a bass choral singer, and a fan of classical music.

Before moving to the States, I've toured most of the parts in my home country. Some of my favorite places are Sayram Lake, Kanas Lake, Mount Chomolungma, Dartsendo, Yuanyang, Bamei, Arxan, Ujimqin Banners. As for my favorite city, I would like to go beyond China and choose Edinburgh.

I speak Mandarian (Beijing & northeastern dialect), English and is working on my German. I enjoy learning foreign languages just as traveling to new countries.

I like the pieces of Beethoven and Schubert. I also have a preferrence towards the works of Russian musicians (especially Rachmaninoff and Scriabin) as well. Here is my favorite pianist and violinist.

I go to the concerts of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on a regular basis, thanks to their generous student subscription program.

I was the piano accompaniment and bass singer of Student Philharmonic Chorus, BUPT, where I also served as the administrator through 2011 and 2012. Largely due to this experience, I've lately become a fan of the popular Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers.

My favorite author is Jiang Yang (楊绛, R.I.P. since May 25th, 2016). I also admire Ch'ien Mu's (錢穆) discussion on Chinese philosophy and history.

If you reached this far because of procrastination, I strongly urge you to do the following (in descending order) if you want to keep procrastinating, or procrastinate in the future: