Distinguished Lecture Series
of the
Department of Computer Science

Information for Speakers

The faculty member that invited you will be responsible for organizing your stay. You can find a link to his/her web page under the title of your talk in the corresponding schedule for the distinguished lecture series. If there are any problems, feel free to contact also the organizer of the series, Christian Scheideler. Below is some information that will hopefully ensure that you will have a nice and enjoyable stay at the Johns Hopkins University!

Information about the Lecture Series

First of all, your travel expenses will of course be covered by us, and also a honorarium will be available. We have already made room reservations for the lecture series for each Thursday and Friday during the fall semester from 10:30 to 12:00. However, if none of these days or time slots work for you, we can also arrange a reservation for any other day and time.

Travel Information

General Information

Some general information about the Johns Hopkins University can be found here. General information about Baltimore can be found here.

Last modified: Aug 24 2001