Schedule for Peter Allen's Visit

Thursday, Nov. 14:
To arrange a meeting, please contact Christian Scheideler

Talk: Geometry and Texture Recovery of Scenes of Large Scale

We present a system for photo-realistic 3D model acquisition from the combination of range and image sensing. The input is a sequence of unregistered range scans of the scene and a sequence of unregistered 2-D photographs of the same scene. The output is a geometrically correct texture-mapped model of the scene. Segmentation algorithms reduce the complexity of the dense range data-sets and provide stable features of interest which can be used for registration purposes. Solid modeling provides geometrically correct 3-D models, which can be automatically texture mapped from current or historic photographs. The system is comprehensive in that it addresses all phases of the modeling problem with a particular emphasis on automating the entire process. We present results from scanning and modeling a variety of objects ranging from buildings in New York City to the Cathedral of Ste. Pierre in Beauvais, France. The system currently resides on a mobile robot which will be used to model archaeological sites in Egypt.

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Last modified: Oct 8 2001