600.348/448: Theory of Network Communication

Fall Term 2002

Christian Scheideler

Course Structure

Lectures: MTW 1, Shaffer 101


The course covers current state-of-the-art topics in the area of theory of communication in distributed systems. This includes an introduction to various communication models and important routing parameters and networks. Also, strategies for topology control and routing in overlay networks, load balancing strategies, and distributed data management strategies will be presented. Particular emphasis will be on those strategies that support robust and efficient distributed computing over the Internet, and communication and data management in mobile ad hoc networks and peer-to-peer networks. Weekly assignments. Some knowledge of probability theory is helpful. Prerequisite: 600.344/444 or permission. [Analysis] Students receive credit for 600.348 or 600.448, but not both.



The lecture is based on recent research papers. Lecture notes will be available that will be posted below.


Assignments will be posted here every Wednesday, and their solutions have to be submitted till the following Wednesday, 1 pm. At most two people are allowed to work together on an assignment, but there has to be a separate submission for each person. Please indicate on your submission with whom you collaborated to solve the assignment (if any). Also, please write your name and the course (348 or 448) for which you registered clearly on your submission. If you have questions about what is allowed and what not, please read the ethics code of the department or the guide to Academic Ethics for Undergraduates.


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