"True Stone"

True Stone (or 'Cendiall', in Thari) is a recent addition to the Amber multiverse. It is not clear where it comes from; it is not even clear where the name comes from. Certainly, it does share some qualities with stone: one side is always a grainy gray color found on mountain rock, and it has a cold rough feel. It is flat, though, and its surface is a little slick.

True Stone has a peculiar property: the other side of it is a shimmering mirror to reality, that shows visions of the future or the past. Sometimes, these are clear: events, deaths, and victories from a different time. Sometimes, they are confused oracles. One piece found its way into Random's hands, by way of a noble who wished his favor. Others are rumored to be floating around Amber: there are legends in the countryside, of people doomed by the visions they have seen to bring about their own end, or who are led to great riches. A few pieces have appeared in Shadow. They appear to be Real, in that they cast Shadows of their own.

Shavings of True Stone