Fiveyears' Night: Campaign Log #1

It's, basically, all Random's fault. Every five years in Amber, midwinter's night falls on the dark of the moon, and all Amber celebrates. The greatest celebration of all is in Castle Amber itself ... and the King decided that his whole family should be there, each and every time.

Phillipe, scion of Maetri, set out for Amber even before his invitation arrived. A trap was set for him in Shadow, made from beast-like men and other horrors; only with the Pattern's own luck and a good deal of martial skill did he win through.

Marya is whisked away from her home by Deirdre, to sail through strange seas to the port of Amber. Deirdre tries to do ... something! ... to her, but Marya fiercely resists the psychic or Power-based intrusion into her soul. Chided by her mother, Marya comes at last to the Palace.

Gray leaves aside his experiments in a far-off land when Llewella sends a missive to him; then he comes to the celebration, and stands to the side.

Caity Schorr, Julian's daughter, is early, which is not surprising; she was no farther away than Arden, and he would have fetched her had she delayed. She spends a good deal of time glaring at Julian's back. A rather poor musician, attracted by her divine beauty ... well, semidivine beauty ... well, we don't actually know what he saw in her ... finds his way to her corner, and entertains her as best he can.

Valerian makes a flashy entrance. He's just a noble, apparently, but with his martial skill and his way with the ladies, he has had no trouble making his mark on Amber. Actually, as will be shown, he's not just a noble after all.

Deirdre officially introduces Marya to King Random, giving the name 'Penelope'. Random then asks her if she will swear allegiance to Amber. She refuses, which he takes equably; the occasion has the overtones of ritual.

Phillipe enters, boldly clad in crimson and white. A knife flashes towards him from the shadows! But it is only the prelude to a juggling routine, with eight blades flashing back and forth between Phillipe and Caine's servant Jahn. Naturally, the people who are _supposed_ to be entertainers are annoyed.

The surviving Elder Amberites drift into the room, whereas Camille simply appears. After exchanging a few harsh words with Deirdre and some snide comments with groups of nobles, she sets to bickering with Flora about how the hall _should_ have been decorated. Meanwhile, Marya and Deirdre drift off to the side for a private conversation.

Benedict enters, and draws Camille off to one side, casually pinching out her cigarette between two fingers. After a bit of talk, they leave the room; Camille does not return.

Valerian confronts Random over a 'debt' that the crown of Amber owes him from the battle of Garnath. He pulls forth the butt of an arrow and casts it to the ground before the King as proof. Although somewhat amused by Valerian's statements, the King agrees to grant Valerian a boon.

Deanor arrives, one arm in a jeweled metal cast. Also arriving is Corwin, with a brown-haired lady who we will call Jennifer, wearing his colors. The elders drift off to greet him, as he has been absent some time. Meanwhile, Jennifer drifts away from him and warns a few PCs not to touch the food. These conversations progress ...

A sudden scream! And, without any continuity of motion, Jennifer is once again at Corwin's side. Corwin is furious, apparently at being embarrassed; the younger generation is wary; the elders are concerned. Phillipe brings her a bottle of wine, which Corwin knocks to the ground.

Valerian states that he has chosen his reward, although Random corrects 'reward' to 'boon'. He asks to claim his birthright as King Eric's son, and be allowed to walk the Pattern. Random agrees, but puts it off until the morning.

Corwin's eyes show that, for all his avowals, he has not quite forgiven Eric, nor is he ready to forgive his son; then he lowers his head into his hands. Fiona gives him an odd look. And then strands of black begin to weave their way up through the fire.

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