The Chaos Side of Things

The Logrus is the oldest of the Things of Power, and it has a thousand and one tendrils; each one touches upon a world. These worlds are the Courts of Chaos. Boundaries blur between them, as the Logrus holds these worlds close together; paths lead between the worlds. At first, the nature of these paths was such that only shapeshifters made nearly mindless by their body's concentration could cross; then the WaysMasters found the secrets to molding these paths into fixed and private cross-world domains. There is a price to use almost any Mastered path in Chaos; the only full citizens are those who can, at need, take the everchanging shape that can cross the paths kept free.

Chaos is not truly a Kingdom, for all that it has a King. King Jackray, as was Swayvill before him, is a religious figure, the soul of Chaos, and the man without whose blessing any House would fall. His power is in the Church of the Serpent that stands behind him, and in his control over the Logrus; there is nothing more.

Closer to Earth's Kings are the heads of the Major Houses of Chaos. These Lords rule absolutely over their lands and the lands of the Minor Houses that owe them fealty. There are ancestral conflicts between all of the Major Houses, and ancestral alliances, and, all in all, there's been an awful lot of interbreeding.

Chaos has recovered from Patternfall; time passes fast, there, and two hundred years has replaced the demons and the lesser men fallen. There are new leaders, too, just beginning to show themselves, and chief among them is Mandor, whose sign is the falcon. His followers preach a return to war.

There are no current PCs from Chaos. There is room for one to join the game, with an exceptional application; send your ideas here. Pattern is not available for Chaosians; all other powers are normally-priced.

Shavings of True Stone