"... his elbow rested against the stone, the grey camoflage shirt hiding his presence in the cliffs. Valerian. Eyes as green as Arden's forest were focused down on something far below, and one hand was wrapped tight about the bone grip of his bow as the other drew out an arrow with a crimson fletching ..."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Valerian was introduced to the game as a noble of Amber, a dashing, roguish noble, who seduced the ladies and outdid the gentlemen. Since then, it has been revealed that he is in fact the child of King Eric, which only served to bring Corwin's wrath down upon his head. The tip of his nose was cut off by the goblins.

He is the greatest warrior of his generation, both with the bow and with the sword; he managed to score a hit on Corwin himself, and at least one Pattern blade accepts his presence. His interests include wine, women, and song.

Shavings of True Stone