Phillipe, Marquis de Mont-Parnot

"... and then there was Phillipe, a smiling man in red and white. Framed against a stained glass background, he cut an elegant figure: dark-haired and green eyed. He wore his colors proudly; an incarnadine pourpoint vest over his cream silk shirt, matching gloves, and a crimson ribbon to hold his hair back in a fashionable tail. He wore a rapier at his side, silver hilt protruding from the fall of his cape. He was a child of the younger generation, this one, with Eric's build, Fiona's eyes, Corwin's hair and Bleys' smile. There was an air of gaiety about him, and a hawk upon his shoulder ..."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Phillipe is a child of most curious circumstances: he was found, as a child, at the center of the Maetri Pattern. Catching sight of the Governor, the infant teleported into the poor man's arms, and thus became his adopted son, and Maetri's ward. It is nevertheless assumed by most that he is, at the least, of Amber royal blood.

His upbringing was the brightest, although his adopted brother Jean-Michel was always envious; when Jean-Michel ran away from home in his seventeenth year, even that blot was gone. By that time, Phillipe had already walked the Pattern; the event was rather anticlimactic and redundant. His journeys in time took him to Clarenne ... of which we should say little.

His interests span the range from fraud to fair play, and it is speculated that his early exposure to the Pattern may have changed him. Phillipe entered the game juggling knives, and that pretty much says it all.

Shavings of True Stone