"He stands leaning against your window now, a narrow man, with a long face and wild green eyes. His hands are slowly sinking through the plastic, pushing in towards you; his mouth is moving ..."
"'In any case. My name is Morgan, and I serve the people of Clarenne. They have suffered harshly for far too long, and I wish to bring you to their aid.' Diffidently, he adds, 'There are also goblins coming, although I believe they intend to kill you.'"
-- Shavings of True Stone (the game)
Morgan appeared with a startled yell just below Camille's window, and hasn't quite recovered the lost face yet. He hasn't gone into much detail about what he is, but he has shown the ability to shoot clouds of white fluff from his hands at need. A very useful power.

List of Major NPCs.

Shavings of True Stone