Marya (Penelope)

"... next was a woman seated at a simple oak desk, poring over a book; in her right hand was a pen, hovering over a sheet of paper. The woman had short, dark brown hair, falling into her eyes, which were blue, wide-set, almond-shaped, and fringed with dark brown lashes; their expression was serious and thoughtful. Her face was soft; creamy white skin, a rounded chin, faint cheekbones, a short, straight nose and a small mouth with deep red lips. She wore a simple shirt, forest green, long-sleeved and buttoned to the collar, without adornment; there was no jewelry. The room around her was dark; the only light came from a candle on her desk, illuminating her face and the book in which she was engrossed."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Marya was introduced to the game as 'Penelope', Deirdre's daughter. Little is publicly known about her, as her first visit to Amber was on Fiveyears' Night; what might be deduced from her behaviour is that she is not entirely impressed. She was wounded by the goblins, a thin cut along her arm that was more painful than serious.

Her interests include knowledge and the sea, and her personality is somewhat cold. It is worth noting that the blood of the Deirdre who brought her into Amber caught flame when Grayswandir touched it.

Shavings of True Stone