Luke Jesby

"It's a young man. You don't recognize him, but he's dressed in a dashing style, with long flowing blue hair that goes nicely with his green outfit."
"... Luke's long fingers pick a tiny bit of grayish flesh and a golden cracker from the tray, and he gestures you to eat as he sits back, listening.

When you are done, he smiles sympathetically. 'It sounds terrible,' he says softly. 'Why, you were at peril of your life! I'm glad you're safe now.' His voice grows softer, and distant. 'You and your father Julian ... are close?'"
-- Shavings of True Stone (the game)

Luke Jesby appears to be a perfectly normal Chaosian, except for the fact that his Trump was buried in the ground out in the middle of Shadow. He is, naturally, of noble blood.

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Shavings of True Stone