"... coming in the corridor just behind a hapless servant is a green-eyed man dressed in straight clothes of silver and a black as deep as his hair; a brown-haired and handsome woman in the same colors walks beside."
"'Augh.' She buries her head in a hand for a moment, and then brightened. 'He's really very cute, isn't he? I lived in a place of silver and light, and I woke up one morning and there he was. I can't find the silver any more, though, not really.'"
"She wears a black fur robe, open down the front, over a loose black and silver cotton dress. A silver necklace embraces her throat."
-- Shavings of True Stone (the game)
Jennifer arrived with Corwin at the celebration of Fiveyears' Night, and then behaved in a generally flaky manner before screaming, dislocating to Corwin's side, and eventually vanishing into his hand. She doesn't seem very reliable.

List of Major NPCs.

Shavings of True Stone