Lord Gray Vanderleer

"... then came a tall, lanky fellow, in a linen suit the same pearlescent monochrome as a dove's breast. He leaned against a marble table on a high balcony, overlooking a night-time cityscape, the twinkling lights of which were reflected in his dark eyes. One hand held a cigarette, idly, while the other rested on the hilt of a ceremonial knife which served to weight down the pages of a grimoire against the breeze that tousled his curly black hair. His smile seemed genuine, but somewhat distracted, as if I had interrupted a moment of concentration when I captured the image."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Gray is Llewella's son, reproducing her desperate love of politics and the Amber countryside precisely. He is known to be a mage of some skill, and has had numerous adventures; the _last_ Fiveyears' Night, he showed up with a redcap's jaws still clamped about his leg. This year, he got his leg broken by Corwin, instead, which is at the least much more respectable.

Gray's interests seem to mostly focus on magic and wanderings; he didn't really interact with anyone terribly much at the celebration. It is worth note that when he was left alone in a room, chained to the fireplace, with perhaps fifty goblins and Corwin, the only thing that gave him trouble was Corwin himself.

Shavings of True Stone