Corwin, Prince of the Silver Rose

"... coming in the corridor just behind a hapless servant is a green-eyed man dressed in straight clothes of silver and a black as deep as his hair; a brown-haired and handsome woman in the same colors walks beside."
"... as for the new arrival, he is familiar in face, but ever so slightly odd in motion, a faintly unnatural cadence in his footsteps."
"Corwin glares after Deirdre. With the look of a man shattering his soul, he throws his arms upwards; from the fireplaces comes another explosion of black.

... and a chair, thrown by Deanor, hits him smartly in the back. He falls, but he is Corwin; even though it hit the wounded shoulder, he catches himself on his hands and turns his head towards his attacker. Sweat mats his black hair to his forehead.

The air around you is thick with hate."
-- Shavings of True Stone (the game)

Corwin is the narrator of an entire series of books, so little needs to be said about his general nature. It is worth noting that he seems rather more belligerent than the books showed, but perhaps they were merely misrepresentations. In any case, he has attempted to assassinate at least several of the younger generation, and perhaps others as well.

He seems to have developed talents with summoning and banishing since last seen, although whether this is a single talent or a set of many is unclear. He can summon Grayswandir to his hand with an awful force, or banish his girlfriend from Amber with a touch. He can create a whirling of white fluff with a wave of his hand, or pull black fire goblins from any fire. Finally, he has shown that he can return his girlfriend to the world he is in ...

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Shavings of True Stone