"... and then I saw Camille: a slender young woman of moderate height, looking equably out of her card; her wavy black hair fell to her shoulders beneath her navy-blue beret. She wore a plain leather jacket over a simple white blouse; her skirt, matching her beret, reached her ankles, obscuring most of her high-heeled black boots. A single red rose, tucked in the buttonhole of her jacket, provided a lonely flash of bright color. One of her eyebrows iwa cocked slightly, and her left hand held a cigarette near her mouth; her face reflected some private amusement."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Camille has a snide and domineering personality, as well as being arrogant, spoiled, and used to getting her own way. She considers herself very much superior to even the other Amberites around her, partially because of her deeper and stronger mastery of the powers of the Pattern. She left the party early, but Corwin sent enemies after her anyway.

Camille's interests include fashion, the arts, Maetri ... where she was raised ... and the Pattern. She picked up a baby somewhere, although I'm not telling whether it's hers, Benedict's, or someone else's. Her colors are silver, red, and blue.

Shavings of True Stone