Caity Schorr

"... crouched on a grey stone, one leg resting on the ground beside it, there was Caity Schorr; a dark green bush served as background for her slim form. Coal black hair above ice blue eyes contracted with the shoots of golden sunlight breaking through the unseen clouds. There was a stillness to her form, and a notable lack of animal life surrounding her. She peered out of the card, as if hoping to find a bright spot past the shadow over her features."
-- Shavings of True Stone
Caity Schorr grew up as the daughter of one of Julian's rangers, and was in training to join them for most of her life. She didn't do very well, as horses, hounds, and hawks pretty much refused to go near her. When her mother died, Julian claimed her as his own, and dragged her to the Pattern. She was scored several times by the goblins' blades.

Her interests are typical ranger things; survival, forest skills, and the making of jewelry to while away the winter months. When she dreamed of her home, at the Pattern's center, there was a staring eye overseeing it all.

Shavings of True Stone