Ken Roe

Just me
Shaffer 204
Computer Science Department
Whiting School of Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Who Am I?

I'm a graduate student. I started in the Fall of 2010. I am also a software engineer working for Casey Overby in DHSi. I decided to return to graduate school after working in Silicon Valley for many years. I spent many years experimenting with formal verification techniques as a hobby and decided it was time to return and make a career of the hobby.


I am developing a static analysis tool for C programs. My initial goal is to build a tool that can eliminate many common memory allocation errors. Eventually, I would like to address many complex types of errors including those that arise from complex intricate interactions between data structures. A few years ago, I developed an SMT prover. See the talks and papers below for more details.

My advisor is Scott Smith

Side projects

I am an avid mobile developer. Check out the folowing web site for more information: If you are thinking of getting into iPhone development, I will warn that you will most likely not get rich from it. I do get a fairly steady income from my apps. However, I could make more money working at a job.

Talks, Papers and Code

My CAV'06 talk

My CAV'06 paper on The Heuristic Theorem Prover The Heuristic Theorem Prover: Yet another SMT Modulo Theorem Prover (Tool Paper)

A Talk I gave at IBM.

A paper I submitted to ITP2011.

A Coq model that goes along with the ITP2011 paper.

A paper I submitted to ITP2013.

A Coq model that goes along with the ITP2013 paper.

A Poster I presented for the 2013 SRC at PLDI.

A Paper I submitted to PADL 2014.

My GBO statement (Sept 2013).

My GBO slides (Sept 2013).

A poster presented at HCSS 2014

A Poster for POPL 2015

A Talk given at UCSD and Kestrel in June 2015

HCSS 2015 poster

HCSS 2016 poster

A COQPIE paper accepted at ITP2016

A paper on PEDANTIC submitted to MEMOCODE2017

A poster presented at PLDI 2017

GITHUB repository for both CoqPIE and PEDANTIC (Runs on a Mac with Coq 8.5 installed)

A paper submitted to CPP 2018 describing the advanced rewriting library


XSS attack game resources


Web site