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09/12/2001 fnTBL version 1.0 is now available for download !
Version 1.0 of the toolkit is available. See the announcement
10/18/2001 First patch for fnTBL - Windows version only      
The first bug has been identified - under the Windows operating system,
under certain conditions, one could receive the error:
Error at line 1 in file tbl.lexical.train.params.0!!
when trying to run the POS tagging test case.

To fix this problem, download the 1.0-to-1.01 patch and apply it by changing to the
main distribution directory (fnTBL-1.0 by default), and run the command
  'patch -p1 < [path-to-patch]/fnTBL.1.0-to-1.01.patch'
and recompile the toolkit by running
  'make all'
from the main directory.

If you didn't encounter this error, patching the source code is not necessary.
Thanks to Dennis Perzanowski for identifying the problem.

12/12/2001 Second patch for fnTBL is available - All operating Systems   
This patch adds to the functionality of the POS tagging script pos-apply.prl and
corrects some existing problems with base NP / text chunking parameter files:
- The script can now be run from a different directory where the training data resides,
  by using a new flag, -T - for more information, run 'perldoc pos-apply.prl' or see the
  documentation. The temporary files generated by the script are now properly
  deleted when the program ends.
- The path for the main directory in trained/englishBaseNP and
  trained/englishTextChunk are now properly adapted to the actual values when running
  'make binary' or 'make all'. These paths were previously set to a wrong local directory,
  and needed to be edited by hand.

To apply this patch, first download either fnTBL-patch-1.01-to-1.02 (for Linux and/or
Windows) or fnTBL-patch-1.01-to-1.02.solaris (for Solaris). Then apply the patch by
cd <fnTBL-1.0 directory>
patch -p1 < <patch-file>
where <patch-file> is the selected patch file, and <fnTBL-1.0 directory> is the main
directory of the installation.
After applying the patch, it is necessary to run
make binary
from the main distribution directory.

Thanks to Mary D. Taffet for identifying the problems.

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