My Ph.D. thesis was about crowdsourcing annotation for NLP tasks. Its full title is:

        Crowdsourcing Annotation for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing Tasks

You can find the current*** version here. It's not a small file (3.7 MB), so if your browser (Firefox?)
seems to hang, just be patient and let it load. Or, just right click->save.
For a quick overview, take a look at this abridged version (277 KB) that only goes up to the TOC.
I will soon be uploading the slides I used in my defense, as well as a video(!) presentation.

By the way, I use colored hyperlinks, which look nice if you're reading on your screen.
These should look OK even on B&W printers. But if you'd like, here is an all-black
version of the thesis. (The hyperlinks are still enabled, but just made black.)

Also, here is a BibTeX entry if you cite my thesis:
  author    = {Omar F. Zaidan},
  title     = {Crowdsourcing Annotation for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing Tasks},
  school    = {Johns Hopkins University},
  year      = {2012}
Happy reading!

*** There are some minor things that I still want to do to make my thesis "perfect",
mainly converting some figures to vector-based graphics to make them look better.
I will be uploading the final version on April 20+x, 2012, where x < 10.

Note: I already submitted my Ph.D. dissertation to the JHU library on April 6, 2012.
I'm guessing nobody will ever look at the physical copy at the library, let alone compare it
to the online version. But just in case you're weirdly curious, that version differs in two minor
ways from the final PDF to appear on this page:
1) the library's version is double-spaced, making it 200+ pages long, and
2) the online version has some minor editing for better spacing and page breaks,
plus some enhanced vector-based graphics.
Otherwise, both versions have exactly the same content and results.