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RayMaterial Class Reference

#include <rayScene.h>

Public Member Functions

int read (FILE *fp, int &textureIndex)
void write (FILE *fp=stdout)
void drawOpenGL (void)

Public Attributes

int index
Point3D ambient
Point3D diffuse
Point3D specular
Point3D emissive
Point3D transparent
double specularFallOff
double refind
class RayTexturetex

Detailed Description

This class stores surface material properties.

Member Function Documentation

void RayMaterial::drawOpenGL ( void  )

This method calls the OpenGL commands for setting up the material.

int RayMaterial::read ( FILE *  fp,
int &  textureIndex 

This method reads in the material information from a .ray file.

void RayMaterial::write ( FILE *  fp = stdout)

This method writes out the material information to a .ray file. If no file is specified, the material is written out to stdout.

Member Data Documentation

Point3D RayMaterial::ambient

The amount of ambient light the surface transmits

Point3D RayMaterial::diffuse

The amount of diffuse light the surface transmits

Point3D RayMaterial::emissive

The amount of light the surface emits

char RayMaterial::foo[STRING_BUFFER_SIZE]

A string for storing additional material parameters specified by the user

int RayMaterial::index

The index of the material within the scene

double RayMaterial::refind

The refraction index of the material

Point3D RayMaterial::specular

The amount of specular light the surface transmits

double RayMaterial::specularFallOff

The coefficient for the specular fall-off of the material

class RayTexture* RayMaterial::tex

A pointer to the texture associated with a surface

Point3D RayMaterial::transparent

The amount of transparent light the surface transmits

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