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RayKeyFile Class Reference

#include <rayKey.h>

Public Member Functions

int read (char *fileName)
int write (char *fileName)
class Matrix4Doperator[] (int i)
const char * name (int i)
int index (char *name)
int samples (void)
int parameters (void)

Public Attributes

float duration

Detailed Description

This class stores the matrix samples for all the parameters of the key-frames read out from a .key file

Member Function Documentation

int RayKeyFile::index ( char *  name)

This method returns the index of the parameter with the specified name. -1 is returned if no parameter matches the name.

const char * RayKeyFile::name ( int  i)

This method returns the name of the i-th parameter

Matrix4D * RayKeyFile::operator[] ( int  i)

This method provides access to the i-th row of transformation information. The ordering is such that the (i,j)-th entry corresponds to the i-th sample of the j-th parameter.

int RayKeyFile::parameters ( void  )

This method returns the number of parameters stored.

int RayKeyFile::read ( char *  fileName)

This method reads in the transformation data from the specified file

int RayKeyFile::samples ( void  )

This method returns the number of key-frames stored.

int RayKeyFile::write ( char *  fileName)

This method writes out the transformation data to the specified file

Member Data Documentation

float RayKeyFile::duration

This is the duration (in seconds) over which the animation is to play

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