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RayCone Class Reference

#include <rayCone.h>

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Public Member Functions

int read (FILE *fp, int *materialIndex)
void write (int indent, FILE *fp=stdout)
double intersect (Ray3D ray, struct RayIntersectionInfo &iInfo, double mx=-1)
BoundingBox3D setBoundingBox (void)
void setUpOpenGL (int cplx)
int drawOpenGL (int materialIndex)
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virtual int isStatic (void)

Public Attributes

Point3D center
double height
double radius
class RayMaterialmaterial
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BoundingBox3D bBox
int openGLComplexity

Detailed Description

This class represents a cone whose central axis isparallel to the y-axis, and is defined by the center of the cone, the height from the tip to the base and the base of the cone.

Member Function Documentation

int RayCone::drawOpenGL ( int  materialIndex)

This method calls the necessary OpenGL commands to render the primitive.

Implements RayShape.

double RayCone::intersect ( Ray3D  ray,
struct RayIntersectionInfo iInfo,
double  mx = -1 

This method computes the intersection of the shape with the ray. If the ray hits the shape and either mx is less than zero or the intersection occurs at a distance less than mx along the ray the intersection information in iInfo is set and a value greater than 0 is returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned. (This is useful for shadow testing when you may want to ignore hits beyond a certain distance).

Implements RayShape.

int RayCone::read ( FILE *  fp,
int *  materialIndex 

This method reads in a RayCone from a .ray file. A pointer to the material associated to the triangle is set.

BoundingBox3D RayCone::setBoundingBox ( void  )

This method sets and returns a bounding box containing the shape.

Implements RayShape.

void RayCone::setUpOpenGL ( int  cplx)

This method sets up all the stuff that's necessary prior to OpenGL rendering. The value cplx represents the desired resolution of tessalation for objects such as spheres, cylinders, etc..

Implements RayShape.

void RayCone::write ( int  indent,
FILE *  fp = stdout 

This method writes the RayShape out to a .ray file, indenting the output by the specified amount. If no file is specified, the information gets written to stdout.

Implements RayShape.

Member Data Documentation

Point3D RayCone::center

The center of the cylinder

double RayCone::height

The height of the cylinder

class RayMaterial* RayCone::material

The material associated with the cylinder

double RayCone::radius

The radius of the cylinder

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