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ParametrizedRayGroup Class Referenceabstract

#include <rayGroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for ParametrizedRayGroup:
RayGroup RayShape ParametrizedClosestRotationAndTranslation ParametrizedEulerAnglesAndTranslation ParametrizedMatrix4D ParametrizedQuaternionAndTranslation ParametrizedRotationLogarithmAndTranslation

Public Member Functions

virtual Matrix4D getMatrix (void)=0
Matrix4D getInverseMatrix (void)
Matrix4D getNormalMatrix (void)
void writeBegin (int indent, FILE *fp=stdout)
void writeEnd (int indent, FILE *fp=stdout)
int isStatic (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RayGroup
void addShape (RayShape *shape)
int shapeNum (void)
void write (int indent, FILE *fp=stdout)
BoundingBox3D setBoundingBox (void)
double intersect (Ray3D ray, struct RayIntersectionInfo &iInfo, double mx=-1)
void setUpOpenGL (int cplx)
int drawOpenGL (int materialIndex)

Public Attributes

char pName [100]
- Public Attributes inherited from RayGroup
int sNum
RayShape ** shapes
class RayShapeHithits
- Public Attributes inherited from RayShape
BoundingBox3D bBox
int openGLComplexity

Detailed Description

This abstract subclass of RayGroup represents a node in the scene graph whose transformation matrix is parametrizable.

Member Function Documentation

Matrix4D ParametrizedRayGroup::getInverseMatrix ( void  )

This method returns the inverse of the transformation associated with the group.

Implements RayGroup.

virtual Matrix4D ParametrizedRayGroup::getMatrix ( void  )
pure virtual
Matrix4D ParametrizedRayGroup::getNormalMatrix ( void  )

This method returns the transformation that acts on the surface normals.

Implements RayGroup.

int ParametrizedRayGroup::isStatic ( void  )

This method always returns false.

Reimplemented from RayShape.

void ParametrizedRayGroup::writeBegin ( int  indent,
FILE *  fp = stdout 

This method writes the header of the node into a .ray file.

Implements RayGroup.

void ParametrizedRayGroup::writeEnd ( int  indent,
FILE *  fp = stdout 

This method writes the footer of the node into a .ray file.

Implements RayGroup.

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