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ParameterSamples< Vector > Class Template Reference

#include <parameterSamples.h>

Inheritance diagram for ParameterSamples< Vector >:

Public Member Functions

int set (int count)
Vector & operator[] (int i)
void setCurrentValue (double t, int type=LINEAR)

Public Attributes

Vector * samples
int count
Vector currentValue

Detailed Description

template<class Vector>
class ParameterSamples< Vector >

This template class stores an array of samples of a parameter. It is used for computing the in-between values using linear interpolation or spline methods. In order to be used, the template class needs to support addition and right multiplication by a number.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Vector >
Vector & ParameterSamples< Vector >::operator[] ( int  i)

This overloaded operator returns a reference to the i-th sample value

template<class Vector >
int ParameterSamples< Vector >::set ( int  count)

This method initializes the array of data

Implements VParameterSamples.

template<class Vector >
void ParameterSamples< Vector >::setCurrentValue ( double  t,
int  type = LINEAR 

This method updates the value of the in-between value, by computing the interpolation/approximation at value 0<=t<=1. The value type specifies how the interpolation/approximation is to be done.

Implements VParameterSamples.

Member Data Documentation

template<class Vector >
int ParameterSamples< Vector >::count

The number of samples

template<class Vector >
Vector ParameterSamples< Vector >::currentValue

The computed in-between value

template<class Vector >
Vector* ParameterSamples< Vector >::samples

The sample values

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