Ray-Tracer Results

This page is designed to give you a sense of what your images should look like. In particular, it will show you the results that you should be getting as your progress through the implementations of the different features of the ray tracer. For all of these images, it is assumed that you have called:

% Assignment2 --in test.ray --out test.bmp --width 500 --height 500 --rLimit 5 --cLimit 0.0001
to generate the image output to test.bmp. (Make sure that you have downloaded not only test.ray but also square.ray and sphere.ray as the file test.ray references these two.)

Once you have implemented your accerelated ray-tracer, you may want to try running it on some of the more complex models. It is not recommended that you try running your ray-tracer on these models if you have not implemented acceleration. The models consist of thousands of triangles and will take just shy of forever to ray-tracer without acceleration.