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RayScene Class Reference

#include <rayScene.h>

Public Member Functions

RayMaterialgetMaterial (int index)
int read (char *fileName, int transformType=RayKeyData::MATRIX)
int read (FILE *fp, int transformType)
int write (char *fileName)
int write (FILE *fp=stdout)
int RayTrace (const int &width, const int &height, const int &rLimit, const double &cLimit, Image32 &img)
Point3D GetColor (Ray3D ray, int rDepth, Point3D cLimit)
void RayView (const int &width, const int &height, const int &cplx, const int &factor=RayKeyData::MATRIX)
void drawOpenGL (void)
void setUpOpenGL (int cplx)
void setCurrentTime (double t, int curveFit=LINEAR)

Static Public Member Functions

static Point3D Reflect (Point3D v, Point3D n)
static int Refract (Point3D v, Point3D n, double ir, Point3D &refract)
static Ray3D GetRay (RayCamera *camera, int i, int j, int width, int height)

Public Attributes

Point3D ambient
Point3D background
class RayLight ** lights
int lightNum
class StaticRayGroupgroup

Detailed Description

This class stores all of the information read out from a .ray file.

Member Function Documentation

void RayScene::drawOpenGL ( void  )

This method calls the OpenGL commands for drawing the scene.

Point3D RayScene::GetColor ( Ray3D  ray,
int  rDepth,
Point3D  cLimit 

This is the function responsible for the recursive ray-tracing returning the color obtained by shooting a ray into the scene and recursing until either the recursion depth has been reached or the contribution from subsequent bounces is guaranteed to be less than the cut-off.

RayMaterial * RayScene::getMaterial ( int  index)

This method returns the material with the specified index.

Ray3D RayScene::GetRay ( RayCamera camera,
int  i,
int  j,
int  width,
int  height 

This function returns that leaves the camera and goes through pixel (i,j) of the view plane

int RayScene::read ( char *  fileName,
int  transformType = RayKeyData::MATRIX 

This method reads in the scene-graph from a .ray file.

int RayScene::read ( FILE *  fp,
int  transformType 

This method reads in the scene-graph from a .ray file.

Point3D RayScene::Reflect ( Point3D  v,
Point3D  n 

This function will reflect the vector v about the normal n

int RayScene::Refract ( Point3D  v,
Point3D  n,
double  ir,
Point3D refract 

This function will refract the vector about the normal using the provided indices of refraction The refracted vector is written into refract and a value of 1 is returned if the refraction succeeded (i.e. the necessary arcsin could be computed)

void RayScene::setCurrentTime ( double  t,
int  curveFit = LINEAR 

This method updates the current time, changing the parameter values as needed

void RayScene::setUpOpenGL ( int  cplx)

This method class the OpenGL commands to set up everything that needs to be set up prior to rendering

int RayScene::write ( char *  fileName)

This method writes out the scene-graph to a .ray file.

int RayScene::write ( FILE *  fp = stdout)

This method writes out the scene-graph to a .ray file. If no file is specified the scene-graph is written out stdout.

Member Data Documentation

Point3D RayScene::ambient

The ambient light in the scene

Point3D RayScene::background

The color of the background

RayCamera* RayScene::camera

The camera

class StaticRayGroup* RayScene::group

The root of the scene-graph

int RayScene::lightNum

The number of lights in the scene

class RayLight** RayScene::lights

The list of lights in the scene

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