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OrientedLineSegmentPairs Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int read (const char *fileName)
int setCount (const int &count)
void getSourcePosition (const int &destinationX, const int &destinationY, float &sourceX, float &sourceY) const

Public Attributes

int count

Detailed Description

This class represents an ordered list of corresponding line segment pairs.

Member Function Documentation

void OrientedLineSegmentPairs::getSourcePosition const int &  destinationX,
const int &  destinationY,
float &  sourceX,
float &  sourceY

This method sets the value of the source pixel position (sourceX,sourceY), given the destination pixel position. It computes the source position prescribed by each of the line segment pairs and sets the final source position as the weighted average.

int OrientedLineSegmentPairs::read const char *  fileName  ) 

This method reads in the line segment pairs from a file.

int OrientedLineSegmentPairs::setCount const int &  count  ) 

This method manages the memory allocation, allocating enough memory for the desired number of line segment pairs.

Member Data Documentation

int OrientedLineSegmentPairs::count

The number of line segment pairs.

OrientedLineSegment* OrientedLineSegmentPairs::segments1

An ordererd list of the corresponding line segment pairs.

OrientedLineSegment * OrientedLineSegmentPairs::segments2

An ordererd list of the corresponding line segment pairs.

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