Prospective Students

Prospective PhD Students

Are you interested in joining my research group as a PhD student? Great!

I receive a large number of requests asking if my research group has openings, and if I can accept a PhD student. Emailing me directly will not help your application. If you have a specific question, I may be able to answer.

The Computer Science department in general, and CLSP and Malone in particular, accept PhD students in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Health every year. Whether my group specifically has a position or not, there are many other faculty with similar interests. In addition, I take students almost every year. There is no need to email me ahead of time asking if I have open positions.

The only way to become a PhD student is to apply. You can find more information about applying to the Computer Science department here:

Be sure to checkout our advice on how to apply, as well as common questions.

Prospective Masters Students

I’m glad you are considering JHU. I have no input into the masters student admission process, so I cannot assist you in your application. Additionally, I do not provide funding to accepted masters students.

Summer Interns

I do not generally take summer in interns. In previous years I have hosted interns as part of internship programs run by various groups at Johns Hopkins. Please do not contact me directly about summer internships. I am unlikely to reply.