Mark Dredze

     Johns Hopkins University
Associate Professor Department of Computer Science
Visiting Professor Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)
Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE)
Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP)
Machine Learning Group
Center for Population Health Information Technology (CPHIT), Bloomberg
Health Sciences Informatics, School of Medicine
Social Media and Health Research Group
Social Media for Public Health
Institute for Global Tobacco Control
Contact:   |  |  @mdredze
Office: Malone 339    (410) 516-6786        ORCID: 0000-0002-0422-2474        Google Scholar Profile

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. I am affiliated with the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare, the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (COE), and the Center for Speech and Language Processing (CLSP). I am a Visiting Professor at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). (Speaker bio) (Speaker photo)

Research Interests
I have a range of research interests in machine learning, natural language processing, social media and health informatics. The most exciting work combines these areas.

How to be a Successful PhD Student
Hanna Wallach and I wrote a guide on How to be a Successful PhD Student. It's geared for PhD students in general, but focuses on CS, machine learning and NLP students. We welcome any suggestions you have for improvements.

I am the coordinator for our NACLO site at JHU.

I am the faculty founder and advisor of the Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning (MASC-SLL).

"I want to work with you."
Great! Please contact me if you are a JHU student. It is probably helpful if you've taken natural language, machine learning or artificial intelligence. If you are not a JHU student, do not contact me directly asking about open positions. If you do I will ignore your email. Instead, please see the admissions process at the CLSP and CS department.

"How do you pronounce your last name?"
Spelled: Dredze, Pronounced: Dredzee

Where I have been
Undergraduate at Northwestern University
PhD at the University of Pennsylvania with Fernando Pereira
Summers at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Google, and Microsoft.

Email Research Sites
AAAI 2008 Workshop on Enhanced Messaging
Email Research Website

1/3/2018 — I was featured in Baltimore Style for my work on gun violence.
8/4/2017 — Our paper about increased interest in suicide following Thirteen Reasons Why was widely covered by almost 1000 media outlets, including NBC, CNN, Reuters, Washington Post, Wired, Mashable, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Newsy, Global News, Forbes, Vice, iNews, Medical News Today, International Business Times, News Week, Time, Pacific Standard, Live Science, Washington Times, Billboard, Refinery 29, RT, Perez Hilton, Gizmodo, Inverse, Inquisitr, US News & World Report, New York Magazine, VOA, USA Today, Romper, the Cut, Sydney Morning Herald, MSN, The Atlantic, Business Insider, The Wrap, ABC (Australia), Mic, Variety, Cosmopolitan, Uproxx, Slate, Huffington Post, Forbes (Editorial), Oxygen, and Self.
7/14/2017 — Tech at Bloomberg article about our work on sales of in-home HIV Tests.
7/13/2017 — Talk at Amazon NYC.
1/3/2017 — Our paper about youth violence was referenced in a 20/20 episode last year.
9/25/2016 — Talk at the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange.
9/7/2016 — Article about our work on Gun Violence.
8/25/2016 — Talk at Data Science for Social Good.
8/10/2016 — Talk at the Google.
8/5/2016 — Our work on Leonardo DiCaprio and climate change was covered in the Washington Post, Forbes, Time, and New York Magazine.
6/27/2016 — Talk at the Bloomberg Quant seminar series.
6/24/2016 — Talk at ICML Workshop on Data4Good presenting our paper on deriving global mobility patterns from Twitter.
6/3/2016 — I was interviewed by On the Media about our paper on the Zika virus.
5/24/2016Coverage (Medical Daily, Vocativ, MediaPost, Baltimore Sun, Undark) of our study on the Zika virus pseudoscience on social media.
5/12/2016Coverage of our study on the Disneyland measles outbreak.
5/10/2016 — Talk at Cornell Tech.
5/5/2016 — Talk at NYU Text as Data seminar series.
4/15/2016 — Talk at Columbia University.
4/1/2016 — Talk on "How News and Social Media Inform Finance" at the Bloomberg and Columbia Workshop on Machine Learning in Finance.
3/31/2016 — Our study on the impact of the Great American Smokeout was covered by CBS News, Science of Us, Lifezette, and US News and World Report.
2/28/2016 — Our study on the "Sheen Effect" ranks in the top .03% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric
2/23/2016Bloomberg LP discussed our "Sheen effect" article.
2/22/2016 — Charlie Sheen tweeted a link to our study on the "Sheen Effect". Dr. Oz wrote an article as well.
2/11/2016 — Coverage of our paper in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on electronic cigarette use in Medical Daily, and other outlets.
1/15/2016 — Coverage of our paper in American Psychologist on youth violence in the media: Science Codex.
10/29/2015Media coverage of our work on forecasting the flu using multiple data sources.
10/16/2015 — Talk at Text as Data.
9/25/2015 — Our work on Reddit and suicide in the news.
7/27/2015 — I'm quoted in a Washington Post story on social media and health.
6/26/2015 — Our work on social media and health, including coverage of multiple articles, was published on BuzzFeed.
4/1/2015 — Our work on Twitter and vaccines was published on The Conversation.
3/8/2015Glen Coppersmith and I participated in an SPSM chat on using Twitter to track mental health. [Video]
3/4/2015 — Our work on Twitter and vaccines is covered by NY Mag, Business Standard, MedicalXpress, EurekAlert, Healio, and Lab Manager.
1/7/2015 — Two talks at Columbia University.
1/6/2015 — Talk at Microsoft Research NYC.
1/1/2015 — I wrote an article entitled "Mining 21st Century Chatter?" for the Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine.
12/27/2014 — Our work on Twitter and mental health is covered by the New York Times.
12/22/2014 — Our work on Twitter and mental health is covered by GigaOM and The Washington Post.
12/19/2014 — Our work on the flu featured on the NBC Nightly News [video].
12/17/2014 — Talks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on tobacco control and public health surveillance.
12/16/2014 — Talk at the American Cancer Society.
12/12/2014 — The Partially Derivative podcast covered our mental health work.
12/12/2014 — Our work on Twitter and mental health is covered by Fox News, The Huffington Post, The Washington Times, redOrbit, and Voice of America,
12/11/2014 — Our work on the flu in Fast Company.
12/09/2014 — I'm quoted in an article about hospital community engagement (Hospitals & Health Networks.).
12/09/2014 — Our work on flu in Healthcare Global.
11/21/2014 — Our work on pollution in China is covered by CBS News, Take Part, and Yahoo
11/13/2014 — Our work on mental health is covered in Newsweek.
10/30/2014 — Our work on flu forecasting is covered by Slate.
10/2/2014 — I'm quoted in a POLITICO article on Ebola response.
8/22/2014 — Our work on mental health is mentioned by Fortune.
8/21/2014 — Talk at the Influenza Prediction Workshop at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
8/19/2014 — Out work on mental health is covered by The Boston Globe.
8/12/2014 — Our work on mental health is covered by Beta Boston
5/26/2014 — I'm quoted in a BBC article on email
5/21/2014 — I gave a keynote talk at the eHealth Initiative's National Forum on Data and Analytics
4/28/2014 — Our new AJPM paper on Healthy Mondays has been covered by Bloomberg business week, The Atlantic, and Refinery29
4/11/2014 — Bloomberg news quotes me in an article on disease outbreaks in social media
4/10/2014 — I was on the Osgood Files talking about flu surveillance
4/5/2014 — The Times of London is covering our work on the economy and health by doing their own analysis for the UK
4/1/2014 — Talk on new technology for influenza surveillance at Preparedness Summit 2014
3/24/2014 — New results on flu tracking for cities covered by The Washington Post, The National Journal, The Daily Mail, and local CBS News (Video). The original press release is here
2/15/2014 — Our work on flu tracking was on Weekend Edition Saturday
2/14/2014 — Talk at University of Michigan
2/13/2014 — Talk at Brigham Young University
2/12/2014 — Talk at Amazon's Machine Learning Group
2/11/2014 — Talk at Microsoft Research
2/6/2014 — The new Twitter data grants program is drawing attention to my work
1/30/2014 — We hosted NACLO at JHU as the largest site in North America.
1/29/2014 — I had a small role in contributing to the report on The Use of Social Media to Prevent Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Disease by the eHealth Initiative.
1/28/2014 — My co-author John Ayers gave a TedX talk on our work.
1/10/2014 — My work on public health effects of the great recession is featured in Huffington Post, New York Times Blogs, Daily Mail and the JHU HUB.
10/20/2013 — I was on WTOP radio on the National Academy of Engineering segment talking about our work on tracking the flu with Twitter.
8/6/2013 — Talk at Digital Surveillance Workshop at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
7/9/2013 — My work on mining drug forums was featured in the Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine.
5/30/2013 — Talk at Workshop on Digital Epidemiology at the ISI Foundation.
5/22/2013CPHIT and my work were featured in the Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine.
4/22/2013 — Talk at Columbia in the IGERT From Data to Solutions seminar.
3/19/2013 — I spoke at the Big Data in Public Health conference.
3/4/2013 — Our work was featured in the Washington Post.
2/28/2013 — I spoke at the Social Media And Response Management Interface Event (SMARMIE). My talk and subsequent panel are online (starts at 3:39.) I am also in the final panel.
2/23/2013 — David Broniatowski, my colleague in CAM in Emergency Medicine, was on Sound Medicine talking about our work.
2/22/2013Midday with Dan Rodricks. My segment starts around 25:00.
2/20/2013 — I was on the WYPR health minute [Here] and [Here].
2/14/2013 — I co-authored the report Understanding and preventing youth violence as part of the Subcommittee on Youth Violence of the Advisory Committee to the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate, National Science Foundation.
2/13/2013 — Our work is covered in a Nature News article.
2/7/2013 — Talk at Columbia in the Biomedical Informatics Department.
1/30/2013 — Our work on tracking influenza with Twitter received a lot of press, including CNN, MarketWatch TV and Michigan Radio.
1/18/2013 — My student Michael Paul has been awarded a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship.
11/13/2012 — Talk at Georgia Tech in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center (RIM) Seminar Series.
10/20/2012 — I will be the NAACL 2013 area chair for machine learning with Phil Blunsom.
10/19/2012 — I am helping to organize the second annual Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning (MASC 2012).
10/11/2012 — I attended the CCC Computing and Healthcare Symposium.
5/3/2012 — Talk at the University of Pennsylvania.
4/30/2012 — Talk at the University of Delaware.
4/1/2012 — I am co-organizing a AAAI 2012 Fall Symposium on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Text.
3/29/2012 — Talk at the Applied Physics Lab.
3/12/2012 — Work featured on Twitter Stories. Excellent Video.
3/11/2012 — I am a panelist at SXSW. Notes from an audience member.
3/9/2012 — Talk at University of Texas- Dallas.
2/16/2012 — I am a panelist at the Conference of Digital Disease Detection. A video of my talk is available online.
2/2/2012 — We hosted NACLO.
2/1/2012 — I am teaching Current Topics in Machine Learning (600.775) in the Spring of 2012. [Class site]
12/7/2011 — Talk at JHU's BioStats Seminar.
11/15/2011 —Talk at Carnegie Mellon University.
10/28/2011 —Talk at Mass General Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics.
9/23/2011 — We are hosting 140 people at the first Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning.
9/12/2011 — My student Ariya Rastrow was awarded the inaugural Frederick Jelinek Fellowship.
9/1/2011 — A feature on our Twitter+Health work in The Johns Hopkins Magazine.
9/1/2011 — I will be the ACL 2012 area chair for machine learning with Trevor Cohn.
8/15/2011 — I am teaching Machine Learning (600.475) in the Fall of 2011. [Class site]
8/10/2011 — I was on NPR. What fun! Midday with Dan Rodricks [Audio]. Also, see the WYPR health minute [Here] and [Here].
7/16/2011 — Our health mining research received some press coverage: great articles by The Atlantic and NPR; also see CBS News, Wall Street Journal (blog), Huffington Post, BBC, GigaOM. We've also been on TV! WJLA and PressHereTV.
6/30/2011 — Talk at the CLSP summer school. [Video]
6/2/2011 — Congratulations to Carolina Parada, who successfully defended her thesis! She is off to Google Research.
5/23/2011 — Giving a talk at the Applied Physics Lab on entity disambiguation.
4/29/2011 — Giving a talk at Health Informatics Seminar. [Video]
2/3/2011 — We served as one of the largest NACLO host sites.
1/30/2011 — I am teaching a new seminar on Machine Learning.
7/1/2010 — I organized a workshop on Amazon Mechanical Turk at NAACL 2010. All of the data is available: Check it out. We received some press coverage on the workshop.
6/15/2010 — My student Carolina Parada was awarded the 2010 Google Graduate Fellowship in Speech.