Robert Krauthgamer

October 22, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Speaker: Robert Krauthgamer
Affiliation: Weizmann Institute of Science

Title: The Sketching Complexity of Graph Cuts

We study the problem of sketching an input graph $G$ on $n$ vertices, so that given the sketch, one can estimate the weight (capacity) of any cut in the graph within a small approximation factor $1+\epsilon$. The classic cut-sparsifier construction of Benczur and Karger (STOC 1996) implies a sketch of size $\tilde O(n/\epsilon^2)$ [this notation hides logarithmic factors].

We show that the dependence on $\epsilon$ can be brought down to only linear, at the price of achieving a slightly relaxed guarantee. Specifically, we design a randomized scheme that produces from $G$ a sketch of size $\tilde O(n/\epsilon)$ bits, from which the weight of any cut $(S,\bar S)$ can be reported, with high probability, within factor $1+\epsilon$. We also demonstrate some applications where this “for each” guarantee is indeed useful.

We further prove that that our relaxation is necessary. Specifically, a sketch that can $(1+\epsilon)$-approximate the weight of all cuts in the graph simultaneously (i.e., a “for all” guarantee), must be of size $\Omega(n/\epsilon^2)$ bits.

Joint work with Alexandr Andoni and David Woodruff.