Jong Hyun Lim
Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Computer Science
The Johns Hopkins University
address: 414 Wyman Park Building
             3100 Wyman Park Dr.
             Baltimore, MD 21211
office: (410) 516-8324
mobile: (410) 375-5379

I am 4rd-year Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science Department at the Johns Hopkins University.
I am a member of Hopkins InterNetworking Research Group (HiNRG) , lead by my advisor, Dr. Andreas Terzis.

Research Interest:
Pervasive Healthcare Infrastructure, Wireless Sensor Netowrk, Indoor Localization

Ph.D. student, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2008 ~ Present
M.S.E Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2008
B.S Computer Science, Handong University, Pohang, Korea, 2006

Software Development at JHU:
Jugbay Data Collecotor on Nokia N810
JHU Testbed Softwares on NSLU (joint work with Razvan Musaloiu-E)
Weight and Balance Monitoring System on Wii

HealthOS: A Platform for Pervasive Health Applications
Jong Hyun Lim, Andong Zhan, Evan Goldschmidt, JeongGil Ko, Marcus Chang, and Andreas Terzis Wireless Health 2012 (in submission) [.]

Increasing Balance in disabled older adults using a Wii-based exer-game: a pilot study of feasibility and acceptability
Sarah L Szanton, Jong Hyun Lim, Laura Fisher, Andong Zhan, Laura N Gitlin, Roland J Thorpe, Andreas Terzis and Sarah L Szanton BMC Geriatrics (under review) [.]

A Closed-loop Approach for Improving the Wellness of Low-Income Elders at Home Using Game Consoles
Jong Hyun Lim, Andong Zhan, Jeonggil Ko, Andreas Terzis, Sarah Szanton, Laura Gitlin IEEE Communications Magazine January 2012 [pdf]

DailyAlert: A Generic Mobile Persuasion Toolkit for Smartphones
Andong Zhan, Jong Hyun Lim, Andreas TerzisThe Second International Workshop on Sensing Applications on Mobile Phones (PhoneSense'11) at ACM SenSys'11 [pdf, pdf]

Poster: HealthOS: A Platform for Integrating and Developing Pervasive Healthcare Applications
Jong H. Lim, Andong Zhan, Andreas TerzisPoster Abstract, ACM SIGMOBILE/USENIX International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys) 2011, Bethesda, MD. [abstract, poster]

HealthOS: A Platform for Pervasive Healthcare Applications
Jong Hyun Lim, JeongGil Ko, Laura Fisher, Andong Zhan, Jerilyn K. Allen, Susan Szanton, Andreas Terzis. Elsevier Computer Communications Journal (COMCOM), Special Section on Pervasive Computing and Communications in e-Health Systems 2011 (Invited)

Tracking A Non-Cooperative Mobile Target Using Low-Power Pulsed Doppler Radars
Jong Hyun Lim, I-Jeng Wang, Andreas Terzis SenseApp 2010, Denver [pdf]

MEDiSN: Medical Emergency Detection in Sensor Networks
JeongGil Ko, J.H.Lim, Y.Chen, R.Musaloiu-E., A.Terzis, G.M.Masson, T.Gao, W.Destler, L.Selavo, R.P.Dutton. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS), Special Issue on Wireless Health Systems, 2010 [pdf]

Energy-efficient Sensor Management in Multi-static Active Sonar Networks
Andreas Terzis, Jong Hyun Lim, I-Jeng Wang- IEEE Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers. [pdf]

Using Mobile Robots to Harvest Data from Sensor Fields
Onur Tekdas, Jong Hyun Lim, Andreas Terzis, Volkan Isler - IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine 2009. [pdf]

Demo Abstract: MEDISN: Medical Emergency Detection in Sensor Networks
J.Ko, R.Musaloiu-E, J.H.Lim, Y.Chen, A.Terzis, T.Gao, W.Destler, L.Selavo - in Proc. of ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) 2008, Raleigh, NC. [abstract]

Wireless Sensor Networks for Patient Monitoring
J.Ko, Y.Chen, J.H.Lim, R.Musaloiu-E, A.Terzis, T.Gao, W.Destler, L.Selavo - Poster Abstract, ACM SIGMOBILE/USENIX International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys) 2008, Breckenridge, CO. [abstract, poster]

Wireless Medical Sensor Networks in Emergency Response: Implementation and Pilot Results
T.Gao, C.Pesto, L.Selavo, Y.Chen, J.Ko, J.H.Lim, A.Terzis, A.Watt, J.Jeng, B.-r.Chen, K.Lorincz, M.Welsh - in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security 2008, Waltham, MA. [pdf]