Kishore Kothapalli
5th Year PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD USA.


Currently I am working with my advisor Dr. Christian Scheideler on finding efficient strategies for maintaining overlay networks. Our research also focusses on solving routing problems in overlay networks. Our work has applications in information gathering in sensor networks, Peer-to-Peer networks and wireless ad hoc networks.

Previously at IIT Kanpur I worked with Dr. Sanjeev Saxena and developed new parallel algorithms for some graph theoretic problems. We studied the maximal matching problem for general graphs and gave an optimal algorithm for finding the maximal matching of a general graph in the PRAM model. We also studied how to efficiently recognize the presence of small induced subgraphs in a given graph in the PRAM model.

A brief summary of research can be found here.

My CV can be found here.


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Other Activities:

Apart from the above I also play badminton, read books on Indology. Some of the nice books I found are

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