A system for Minimally Invasive Surgery of Upper Airway
Ankur Kapoor, Kai Xu, Wei Wei, Nabil Simaan, Russell H. Taylor and Paul Flint
 Minimally invasive surgery of the throat is currently limited to procedures not involving suturing or complex tissue manipulation
This project is an ongoing collaboration between ERC-CISST,  ARMA - Columbia University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.
Investigate novel distal dexterity units designed to manipulate tools inside patients throat.
Develop architecture to control these dexterous devices using master manipulators.
Dexterity of the SLU was effectively used to provide
  1. Roll movement of the gripper without any motions of the proximal joint.
  2. Lateral motion of the gripper using S-curve motion, also with minimal motion of proximal joints
Telemanipulation of Snake-Like Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery of Upper Airway, MICCAI Medical Robotics Workshop, 2006
Suturing in Confined Spaces: Constrained Motion Control of a Hybrid 8-DoF Robot, International Conference on Advanced Robotics, 2005