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A bibliographic present (fwd)

A Copy for those on quarters instead of semesters

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 19:18:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steven Hunt <hunt@lclark.edu>
To: CEDA <ceda-l@cornell.edu>
Cc: Multiple recipients of list NDT-L <NDT-L@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU>
Subject: A bibliographic present

I think we should be sharing sources, ideas, attacks, etc. over the long 
run to create better debates and to make our debates real in the sense 
that they are centered in the context of the environmental field.
To keep this process going after the contributions and in the spirit of 
Tuna Snider, Josh Hoe, Alan Dove, and so many others this bibliographic 
gift to the CEDA and NDT communities:
Steve Hunt
Lewis & Clark College

l996-97 National Debate Topic
Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark College August, l996

Resolved: that the United States federal government should increase 
requiring industries to decrease substantially the domestic production and/or
emission of environmental pollutants.

This is the whole environmental field: air, water, soil pollution. This 
is all
Environmental Protection Agency rules + Clean Water + Clean Air Acts. 

US fed gov- national government in Washington DC all 3 branches executive,
legislative, judicial
should- ought to but not necessarily will
substantially- significantly in a major fashion
regulations- laws, rules, executive orders EPA regulations Clean Air 
Clean Water
industries- note the plural  groups of profit making enterprises

***there were lots of sources/authors etc. on a similar topic when high 
debated R: that the US government should reduce worldwide pollution 
through its
trade and/or aid policies in l992-93. See handbooks briefs etc. for that 

Terms to look for Information

Look up environment, ecology, clean air, clean water, pollution, pollution
control, etc. then note all synonyms other listed places to go for further
research Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark College August, l996

See Environmen Abstracts

air pollution
air pollution control
air quality management
acid rain
alternate fuels
Basel Convention (on export chemicals pesticides)
circle of poison (circle of death) on pesticides
chlorine (esp. paper products)
clean air
clean water
climate change
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
chlorofluorocarbons CF's
carbon tax
clean energy sources
common sense initiative CSI Carol Browner EPA big movement to get cooperative
standards comprehensive permit
earth science
environmental policy
environmental protection
US Environmental Protection Agency
electric cars
environmental law
environmental economics-growth vs environment jobs vs environment
environmental racism
export death (same as circle of poison except chemicals too)
Exporting jobs and industry
FIFRA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
greenhouse effect
global warming

green trade
Green Party Green movement in environment
groundwater contamination
hazardous wastes
indoor air pollution
international environmental law trade agreements
international UN OECD etc. solutions to environmental problems 
methyl bromide
motor vehicle pollution and control devices 
Montreal Protocol
nuclear waste
Organization Economic Cooperation & Development OECD
ozone layer
ozone depletion:Montreal Protocol, London Accord, Cophenhagen Accord, Vienna
radioactive waste
pollution reduction
regulations environmental US bureaucracy EPA Agriculture etc. 
soil pollution
solar power
toxic wastes
Trade law and the environment GATT WTO etc.
transport export of pollutants wastes
US competitiveness -exporting jobs losing competitive position
water pollution
World Watch

Places to write to for information publication lists

The Environmental Dictionary compiled James King 3rd ed

The Environmental Address Book   Michael Levine

Environmental Guide to the Internet l995  Jonathan Schupp

Congressional Quarterly Washington Information Directory l995-96

Encyclopedia of Associations

Congressional Research Service Report to Congress : A Directory of Some 
Groups and Government Organizations Concerned with National Environmental

See the guide to environmental organizations on ECONET
Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark College August, l996

l. Environmental Defense Fund
257 Park Ave South
NY NY l00l0

DC office
Washington DC 20009

2. Greenpeace USA
l436 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009

3. The Nature Conservancy
l8l5 N Lynn St
Arlington, VA 22209

4. Sierra Club Foundation
85  2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94l09

DC office
408 C St NE
Washington DC 20002

5. Worldwatch Institute
l776 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20036

6. Friends of the Earth Environmental Policy Institute and Oceanic 
Society All
have merged
1025 Vermont Ave NW
Washington, DC  20005

7. National Audubon Society
950 3rd Ave
NY NY l0022

Washington Office
666 Pennsylvania Ave SE #200
Washington DC 20003

8. Air Resources Information Clearinghouse
99 Court St
Rochester, NY l4604

9. Citizens for Sensible Control of Acid Rain (industry front)
1301 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 700
Washington DC 20036

11. National Coalition Aginst the Misuse of Pesticides
530  7th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

12. US Council on Environmental Quality (advises president)
722 Jackson Place NW
Washington DC 20503

13. US Environmental Protection gency (lots of subdivisions)
401 M St SW
Washington DC 20460
Information 202-260-2080

l4. US House Committee on Energy and Commerce
Room 2l25 Rayburn House Office Bldg
Washington Dc 205l5

15. US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
Room RD-4l0 Dirksen Bldg
Washington DC 205l0

17. Island Press (publishes tons of environmental books)
l7l8 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20009

18. Acid Rain Foundation
l4l0 Varsity Dr\
Raleigh, NC 27606

19. Environmental Law Institute
l6l6 P St NW #200
Washington DC 20036

20. Friends of the Earth
l025 Vermont Ave NW
Washington DC 20005

21. Global Greehouse Network  (Jeremy Rifkin)
ll30  l7th St NW #630
Washington DC 20036

22. Natural Resource Defense Council
1200 New York Ave. NW #400
Washington, DC 20005

23. Center for Clean Air Policy
444 N Capitol St NW #602
Washington Dc 2000l

24. Climate Institute  (greenhouse ozone)(
120 Maryland Ave NE
Washington DC 20002

25. Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes
2315 Wilson Blvd Suite A
Arlington VA   

26. National Environmental Policy Institute
ll0l  l6th St NW
Washington DC

27. Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
6935 Laurel Ave
Takoma Park, MD 

28. National Institute for the Environment
l725 K St SE
Washington Dc 20006

29. Congressional Research Service
Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Division
James Madison Memorial Bldg Room 423
Washington DC 20540
have to get stuff through congress people won't send to private people
most of stuff on line  through National Institute for the Environment


30. World Resources Institute
l709 New York Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Environmental Policy Bibliographies
find more index to bibliographies or bibliography of bibliographies or
bibliography environment on electric services

Bibliographic Guide to the Environment  NY: G,K Hall & Company, l996.

Bibliographic Guide top the Environment 1995 NY Public Library Staff  
Publishing Co. Inc l996 there may be a l996 edition by now

Chapra, Steven C. and Jean M Boyer Fate of environmental pollutants   Water
Environment Research v 64 June l992  581-93  bibliography 588-593.

Collin, Robert William Review of the legal literature on environmental 
environmental equity, and environmental justice  Journal of Environmental Law
and Litigation Annual  l994  121-171.

The environment encyclopedia and directory   Europea Publications l994

Furnish, Carol Environmental sources: an update  Legal Reference Services 
l95  85-98   H.W. Wilson Co 

Glenn, Kelly v ed the Free Market environmental bibliography l993-94-
Competitive Enterprise Institute Suite 1250  l001 Connecticut Ave NW 
DC 20036  3rd ed  87 pages l994  there might be a l994-95 one of these by now

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect  Bibliography
Upland: Diane Publishing Co June l994  87 pages

The Island Press bibliography of environmental literature   Island Press l992

Jansma, Pamela E Readings about the environment: an introductory guide
Published by Libraries Unlimited  l993

Kappen, Philip M Planning for water source protection  Council of Planning
Librarians  l993  33 pages 

Kelley, Sally J  An annotated bibliography of selected environmental law
resources  Arkansas Law Notes l995  111-30,.

Liu, Feng Tackling environmnental problems across the media of air, 
water, and
land  Council of Planning Librarians  l992 $l8  20 pages

Nordquist, Joan ed The Environment One: Clean Water: A Bibliography  
Santa Cruz:
Reference and Research Services  Oct l992  Contemporary Social Issues: A
bibliographic series #28

_____The Environment Two: Clean Air: A Bibliography  l993  $l5

NTIS (they have lots of stuff)  Plutonium contamination in the environment
Latest citations from the Life Sciences Collection database   NTIS Order no:

______Tritium contamination  in the environment latest citations from 
Abstradcts Database  l993   NTIS Order no: PB94853736XSP

World Resources Institute  World Directory of Country Environmental 
Studies: An
Annotated Bibliography of Environmental and Natural Resources Profiles and
Assessments  l996

Big Time Environmental Journals

Journal of Environmental Quality
Harvard Environmental Law Review
National Wildlife
Natural Resources Journal
Environmental Law Review (Lewis & Clark)
Environmental Review
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Ecology Law Qtrly
The Environmental Forum
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
Tulane Environmental Law Journal
Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Natural Resources and Environment
New York University Environmental Law Journal
Colorado Journal of INternational Environmental Law and Policy
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Fordham Environmental Law Journal
Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Environmental Ethics
Atmospheric Environment
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Environmental Science and Technology
Ecological Economics
Environment and Planning Law Journal 
Foreign Affairs
International Environmental Affairs
International Journal of Climatology
Journal of Enbvironmental Law & Litigation
Journal of Applied Ecology
Journal of Environmental Science & Health
Marine Pollution Bulletin
Pace Environmental Law Review 
UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
Villanova Environmental Law Journal
Whole Earth Review
World Watch
EPA Journal 

There are more but these are really a good start Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark
College August , l996

A few writers resources on pollution and environmental policy

Michael Alberty
David Abrahamson
Jerry L Anderson
Richard E Benedick
Paul J Billings
Daniel B Botkin
Gary Bryner  author Blue Skies Green Politics
Robert Bullard (big on envir racial justice)
Peter Brown
Lester Brown
Janet Welsh Brown
Carol Browner EPA Sec
Murray Bookchin

William Chandler
Michael Common
Barry Commoner
William Cline
Committee Economic Development (CED)
Herman E. Daly
Joel Darmstadter
David Deal
Alan Durning
Gregg Easterbrook
Paul Ehrlich
Christopher Flavin
Werner Fornos
Jeffrey Geiger
Al Gore yes VP of US
Michael Grubb
Kevin Gurney
Peter Haas
Robert W Hahn
Walter W Hahn
Oliver A Houck
**S.B. Idso
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC
Adam B Jaffe
Raymond J Kopp
Alan J Krupnick
Hal Kane
Richard A Kerr
Ger Klaaseen
Sheldon Kamieniecki
Joseph Lieberman
Karen Litfin
Amory Lovins
Alan Miller
Paul J Miller
Ira Magaziner
Donella Meadows
Ved B Nanda
William Nordhaus
Wallace Oates

Organization Economic Cooperation and Development OECD
Michael Oppenheimer
Mancur Olson (on collective action)\
Elinor Ostrom
Wallace Oates
William Ophuls 
Matthew Paterson
David Pearce
Sandra Postel
Dennis Pirages
Resources for the Future
William Reilly
Robert Repetto
Jeremy Rifkin
Ian Rowlands
Todd Sandler
Richard B Stewart
Christopher Stone
R. David Simpson
S. Fred Singer
Marvin Soroos
Michael A Toman
Jonathan Wiener
Philip Weinberg
Aaron Wildavsky
David Wilcove
Edward O Wilson
The World Bank
Oran Young

Government Documents
l. Write your Senator or Congressperson for specific hearings, reports, 
and CRS
2. EPA has a ton of material as does NTIS
3. Congressional Reference Service documents available on line through 
Institute for the Environment
4. Government documents on line found through CIS Congressional Information
Service or GPO Index electronically Silverplatter

If you call the committee, the resource person can usually send you 
reports and
hearings and update you on what Congressional proposed actions are being
considered in the l05th Congress.  ***Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark College 
OR 972l9  The Superintendent of Documents due to sloth inefficiency lack of
monies and the government shutdowns Dec l995 and Jan l996 is about 6 months
behind on printing government documents!!!!!

I. US House Committee on Public Works and Transportation
l. Y 4.P 96/ll:l03-82  l03rd 2nd May 24 & 26, l994
The Water Quality Act of l994

II. US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
l. Y4.T 68/2:l04-l3/I-V  l04th 2nd   5 volumes Reauthorization of the Federal
Water Pollution Control Act
2. Yl.l/8:l04-112 Clean Water Amendments of l995

III. US House Committee on  Energy andCommerce
l. Y4.C73/8:l04-69  Clean Air Act Amendments of l990 and the impact of 
the 7th
meeting of the parties to the Montreal Protocol
l04th 2nd Jan 25, l996
2. Y4.C 73/8: l04-55  Clean Air Act Amendments l04 lst
NOv 9, l995 Title I : National ambient air quality standards
3. Y4.C 73/8:l04-52  Clean Air Act Amendments Onb title VI Ozone Depleting
substance Aug l, l995
4. Y4.C 73/8:l04-53 Clean Air Act Amendments on Title III Hazardous air
pollution  l04th lst  June 29 and July 2l, l995
5. Y4.C 73/8:l04-32  Clean Air Act Amendments  l04th lst on title V 
Permits May
l8, l995
6. Y 4.C 73/8: l04-25 Clean Air Ac6t Amendments l04th lst on title II
Reformulated Gasoline Program June 7, l995
7. Y4.EN 2/3: l03-l66 Clean Air Act implementation  l03rd 2nd Sept 29 Oct 5,
8. Y4.C 73/8:l04-47 Oversight hearing on tritium production l04th lst Nov l5,
9. Y4.EN 2/3:l03-7l Global climate change and air pollutants l03rd lst 
Aug 4 and
Oct 26, l993.
10. Y 4.C 73/8: l04-l3  International global climate change negotiations 
lst March 2l and May l9, l995

IV. US House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries
l. Y 4.M 53: l03-42 Y 4>M 53: l03-l06
Clean Water Act reauthorization  l03rd lst July 8, l993
2. Y4.M 53: l03-l  Clean Water funding  l03rd lst  Feb l8, l993

V. US House Committee on Science Space and Technology
1.Y 4.SCI 2:103/l38 Ozone nonattainment under the Clean Air Act l03rd 2nd 
8, l994
2. Y 4.SCI 2:l03/111 Climate Change action plan and assessment l03rd lst 
Nov l6,
3. Y 4.SCI 2:l04/35  Scientific integrity and public trust: the science 
federal policies and mandates climate models  l04th lst Nov l6,  l995
4. Y 4.Sci 2:l03/60 Global change research science and policy  l03rd lst 
May l9,

VI. US House Committee on Agriculture  
1. Y4.AG 8/l: l03-77  Review of the Administration's pesticide reform 
l03rd 2nd Juine l5, l994
2. Y4.AG 8/1:l03-44 Review of the administration's pesticide policy  
l03rd lst
Sept 22, l993

VII. US House Committee on Foreign ffairs
l. Y 4.F 76/1:P 43/20/994  US pesticide exports and the circle of poison  
2nd Jan 26, l994

VIII. U.,S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
l.  Y4. P 96/10:S hrg l04-287 Clean Air Act Title V industrial 
permitting  l04th
lst Aug l, l995
2. Y 4.P 96/10:S.hrg l03-528 Implementation of the climate change action plan
l03rd 2nd April l4, l994. 
3. Y 4. P 96/l0: S hrg l03-458 Implementation of the acid rain provisions of
trhe Clean Air Act Amendments of l990
l03rd lst Oct 2l, l993

4. Y 4.P 96/10: S Hrg l03-454 The natinal action plan for global climate 
l03rfd lst Oct 25, l993
5. Y 4. P 96/10: S hrg l04-287 Clean Air Act: Title V Industgrial permitting
l04th lst August l, l995
6. Y 4. P 96/10: S hrg l04-l66 Regulatory reform and environmental laws l04th
lst March 22, l995
7. Y 4. P 96/10: S hrg l03-328 Reauthorization of the Clean Water Act  
l03rd lst
June l6 23 July l l4 27 August 4 5 and Sept l5, l993

IX. US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
l. Y l.l/5: l04-248 Nuclear Waste Policy Act of l995 report
2. Y 4. EN 2: S hrg l04-402  Nuclear Waste Policy Act of l995  l04th lst  Dec
l4, l995. 
3. Y 4. EN 2: S hrg l03-808 Science concerning global climate change 
l03rd 2nd
May 24, l994. 
4. Y 4. En 2: S hrg  l03-794 Energy Policy Act of l992 and the Presidents
climate change action plan  l03rd 2nd May l0, l994. 
5. Y 4. EN 2: S hrg l04-282 Council on Environmental Quality  l04th lst  
Oct l9,

X. U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
l. Y 4. AG 8/3: S Hrg l03-l064  Testimony from administration witnesses on
pesticide legislation  l03rd 2nd June 29, l994

Some of the better more recent books on the topic (there are hundreds so 
this is
only a selection) See Resources for the Future, Island Press, St 
University of
New York Press Albany, Sierra Club books, WW Norton, World Resources 
OECD, U.N., Worldwatch, Diane Publishing Co.  etc. for more books

Steve Hunt Lewis & Clark College August l996 hunt@lclark.edu

Look up books in Books In Print, Paperback books in print, forthcoming 
books in
print  See Union Catalog for all books in Library of Congress  Books in 
Print is
available hardbound and on line through lst Search. 


Ahmed, Kulsum Technological Development and Pollution Abatement: A Stuidy 
of How
enterprise are finding Alternatives to Chlorofluorocarbons  Washington 
DC: The
World Bank  April l995

Air Pollution Allowance Trading Offers an Opportunity to Reduce Emissions at
Less Cost  Upland: Diane Publishing Company, April l995  77 pages

Alder, Robert and Jessica Landman  The Clean Water Act 20 Years Later  Island
Press l993

***Aldrich, James Pollution Prevention Economics: Financial Impacts on 
and Industry  NY: McGraw Hill Dec l995

**Andersen, Mikael Skou  Governance by green taxes: Making pollution 
pay  Manchester University Presas   St Martin's Press l994  ISBN 

Andryszewski, Tricia  The Environment and the Economy: Planting the Seeds for
Tomorrow's Growth  Brookfielod: Millbrook Press Sept l995

Appleby, J  Global Warming  Van Nos Reinhold  l994

***Arnold, Frank Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy and Regulation 
l994  $28.95

Avery, Dennis  Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastics: the 
Triumph of High Yield Farming  Indianapolis: Hudson Institute Feb l995

Baker, R ed Proceedings of the ICEM 95 5th International Conference on
Radioactive Waste Management & Environmental Remediation  NY: American 
of Mechancial Engineers  l995. 

Balling, Robert C. Jr The Heated Debate: Greenhouse Predictions vs Climate
Reality  San Francisco: Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy  
April l992

Barker, Terry ed  Global warming and energy demand  Routledge  l995 $l9.95

Bate, Roger and Julian Morris Global warming: apocalypse or hot air> 
Econ Affairs   Mr l994  54 pages

Bates, David V Environmental health risks and public policy: decision 
making in
free societies University of Washington Press $30 l994

Bell, David  Industrial Initiatives for Environmental Conservation
P:hiladelphia: Trans-Atlantic P:ub l993. 

Bergesen, Helge O ed Green Globe Yearbook of International Cooperation on
Environment and Development l996 NY: Oxford University Press, July, l996.

Bibliographic Guide to the Environment l996 NY: GK Hall & Company

Bibliographic Guide to the Environment l995  NY Public Library Staff   
Publ Co Inc l996

Blackbirch Graphics Staff.  Alternate Energy Sources  NY: Henry Holt & Co 

______. Beating Pollution. NY: Henry Holt & co. , l996.

Bloch, Ben and Harold Lyons Apocalypse Not: Science, Economics and
Environmentalism CATO institute l993
((environmentalists as extremists)) 

Blowers, Andrew  Environmental Policy in an International Context: 
Prospects for
Environmental Change  NY: Halsted Press and NY: John Wiley and Sons April 

Boerner, Christopher and Jennifer Chilton Kallery Restructuring environmental
big business  Wahington University Center Study American Business Jan 
l995 36
page monograph 

Bookchin, Murray. Remaking Society: Pathways to a Green Future. Boston: South
End Press, l990. 

______****The Philosophy of Social Ecology 2nd ed  Consortium Book Sales Feb

______Which Way for the Ecology Movement  San Francisco: AK Press 
Jan l994  76 pages

******______The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence & Dissolution of Hierarchy
Consortium Book Sales l99l. 

Boyle, A.E. ed Environmental regulation and economic growth  Oxford 
Press l994 ******

Bradstreet, Jeffrey W Hazardous Air Pollutants: Assessment, Liabilities, &
Regulatory Compliance  Parke Ridge: Noyes Data Corporation Jan l996. 

Bridgman, Howard.  Global Air Pollution Problems for the l990's NY: John 
Wiley &
Sons. l994. $69.95

Brown, Donald A ed Sustainable Development: Science, Ethics, and Public 
Kluwer Academic Pub June l995

Brown, Janet W. Global Environment Politics  Boulder, CO: Westview Press NOv

Brown, Lester State of the World l997: A Worldwatch Institute Report on 
Toward a Sustainable Society
NY: WW Norton & Company
***this report is done every year l996,. l995, l994 etc.***
l996 report Island Press

_____Vital Signs l996: trends that are shaping our future NY: WW Norton l996

_____The World Watch Reader on Global Environmental Issaues NY: W W Norton

****Bryner, Gary Blue Skies, Green Politics: The Clean Air Act of l990 
and Its
Implementation Washington DC: Congressional Quarterly Oct l995. $20.95 IFSBN
1568021348  ISBN 0-87187-668-X

______ ed. Global Warming and the Challenge of INternational Cooperation  
UT: BYU David M Kennedy Center International Studies April l992. 

****Bullard, Robert D Unequal Protection Environmental Justice and 
of Color  San Francisco: Sierra Club Books May l996  $l6

______Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class & Environmental Quality 2nd ed  
Boulder, CO:
Westview Press Feb l994

_____Confronting Environmental Racism: Voices from the Grassroots  
Boston: South
End Press Nov l992

Butler, Henry N  Using Federalism to Improve environmental policy 
Washington DC
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy research April l996  
$9.95  ISBN

Cagin, Seth Between Earth & Sky: How CFC's Changed Our World & threatened the
Ozone Layer  NY: Panetheon Books May l993. 

Caldwell, Lynton K Environmental Policy: Transnational Issues and National
Trends  Westport: Greenwood Pub 

______INternational Environmental Policy: From the 20th Century to the 2lst
Century  3rd ed  Durham: Duke University Press, l996. 

Carraro, Carlo, ed Environmental Policy & Market Structure Norwell: Kluwer
Academic Publishers, April, l996.  

Center for Competitive, Sustainable Economics. Setting Priorities, Getting
Results: A New Direction for EPA Washington, DC: National Academy of Public
Administration, April , l995.

Charlson, R. J. Ed Aerosol Forcing of Climate  NY: John Wiley and Sons 
Aug l995.

Chesworth, Jennifer ed The Ecology of Health: Issues and Alternatives  
Oaks, CA: Sage Pub

Choucri, Nazli ed. Global Accord: Environmental Challenges & INternational
Responses  Cambridge: MIT Press Nov l995. 

Clean Water Clean Environment 2lst Century Team Agriculture Working to 
Water Resources Saint Joseph: American Society of Agricultural Engineers 
l995  780 pages 

Cline, William The Economics of Global Warming  Washington, DC: Institute for
International Economics l992.

______Global Warming: The Economic Stakes  Washington DC: Institute for
International Economics May l992

Cobb, Jon B , Jr. For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy Toward 
the Environment, & a sustainable future  Boston: Beacon Press, l994.

**Combating Global Warming: Controlling Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The 
Permit System  NY: United Nations, l995. 

**Comman, Michael S. Environmental & resource Economics: An Introduction 
2nd ed
White Plains, Longman Publishing l996  ISBN 0582246326

Comments to the EPA on the Acid Rain Program  Washington, DC: Consumer Energy
Council of America research foundation l992 75 pages

**Committee for Economic Development  What Price Clean Air?: A Market 
to Energy and Environmental Policy NY: l993

**Common, Michael Environmental and Resource Economics: An Introduction 
2nd ed
Longman Pub

***Conca, Ken. ed Green Planet Blues: Environmental Politics from 
Stockholm to
Rio  Boulder, CO: Westview P{ress, Sept., l995. 

Congleton, Roger D ed The Political Economy of Environmental Protection:
Analysis & Evidence Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press , June l995.

Cook, Elizabeth Milestones in Ozone Protection  World Resources 
Institute  l709
New York Ave NW Washington DC 2006  l-800-822-0504.

Cothern, C  Richard ed  Handbook for Environmental Risk Decision Making: 
Perceptions, & Ethics  Lewis Publishers l995. 

Daly, Herman Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development  Boston:
Beacon Press

*****______ editor  Economics, Ecology, Ethics: Essays Towards a Steady State
Economy  NY: W.H. Freeman, l995.

______Valuing the Earth: Economics, Ecology, Ethics Cambridge: MIT Press, 

______and John Cobb  For the Common Good  Beacon Press l994

Darmstadter, Joel and Michael Toman eds Assessing Surprises and 
in Greenhouse Warming    Resources for the Future l993  ISBN 0-915707-71-3.

***Davies, J. Clarence ed Comparing Environmental Risks: Tools for Setting
Government Priorities  Washington DC: Resources for the Future, l996. 

De Mora, Stephen J ed  Tributyltin: Case Study of an Environmental 
NY: Cambridge University Press l995. 

Dennison, Mark S. Pollution Prevention Strategies and Technologies  
Gov Institutes Inc Oct l995. 

Dinan, Terry The Safe Drinking Water Act: A Case Study of an Unfunded Federal
Mandate  Uplane: Diane Publishing Co Nov l995  46 pages 

Dinar, Ariel and Edna Lochman eds Water Quantity Quality Management and 
Resolution Praeger l995

Dobson, A  Green political thought 2nd ed  1995 Routledge

Dower, Roger C. The Right Climate for Carbon Taxes: Creating Economic 
to Protect the Environment Washington, DC: World Resources Institute 
l992.  40
pages ISBN 0-915825-73-3 $l4.95

_____ et al A Sustainable Future for the United States   World Resources
Institute , l996. 

Durning, Alan T. How Much is Enough? The Consumer Society and the Future 
of the
Earth  NY: WW Norton, l992. 

_____This Place on Earthg: Home and the Practice of Permanence Seattle :
Sasquatch books, l996

_____The Car and the City  Seattle : Northwest Environment Watch March 
l996  64

______(Norm Jeff) Taking Stock: Animal Farming and the Environment  
DC: Worldwatch Institute July l991 

_____Guardians of the Land: Indigenous Peoples and the Health of the Earth
Washington, DC: Worldwatch Institute Dec l992 70 pages

***Easterbrook, Gregg A Moment on the Earth: the Coming Age of Environmental
Optomism NY: Viking Penquin  April l996 

Ecological risk Assessment Issue Papers Upland: Diane Publishing Company, 

Eckersley, Robyn. Environmentalism and Political Theory  Albany, NY: State
University of New York Press, l992.

______Markets, the State, & the Environment  Concord: Paul & co Publishers
Consortium, March l996

Eden, Sally Environmental Issues & Business Implications of a Changing Agenda
NY: John Wiley & Sons, l996. 

**Ehrlich, Paul and Anne Ehrlich Betrayal of Science and Reason
(antienvironmentalism) Island Press l996

Elsom, Derek. Atmospheric Pollution: Causes, Effects & Control Policies
Cambridge: Blackwell Publishers, l992.

Elworthy, Susan  Farming for Drinking Water: Nitrate Pollution of Water  
Pub l994  

Emission of Greenhouse Gases in the US l987-l992   Upland: Diane 
Publishing Co.
Aug l995  l25 pages 

***Environment Goes to Market: The Implementation of Economic Incentives for
Pollution Control  Washington, DC: National Academy of Public 
Administration Aug
l995.  ISBN 0964687402 $20

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Ideas in Conflict
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The Information Superhighway and US Environmental Policy

You only need a few sites to get started and they will give you links to more
than you could ever want.

Steve Hunt
Lewis & Clark August l996
Econet  http://www.igc.apc.org/econet/
Has hundreds of documents you can download if a member. Full text is 
for those who have joined Econet. This is a corporate private 
organization but
not all that expensive. It works like Lexis/Nexis with passwords and 
codes for
subscribers. *****
Has links to hundreds of other sites. NOTA BENE

#2Environmental Organizations Web Directory

#3 Environmental Sites on the Internet

#4 EPA

#5 Sierra club

#6 Natural Resources Defense Council

#7 Resources for the Future

#8 Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE)

#9 Friends of the Earth

#10 World Resources Institute

#11 Global Futures Foundation

#12 Environmental Defense Fund

#13 Environmental Law Institute

#14 Envirolink Home page

#l5 Netscape Yahoo-Scoiety and Culture: Environment and Nature

#16 Environmental Ethics

Debate Forensic Sites which can lead you to other sites

#l Debate Central at Vermont

#2 National Debate Tournament homepage
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USE dialog search Enviroline equivalent to Environment Abstracts  1000
periodicals and journals  excellent environmental stuff. You can give 
full text.

Legal Sources
***Lots of books are at Law Library. The majority of the best policy oriented
articles are in law journals and law reviews.
To find legal materials look at Index to Legal Periodicals, Legaltrak, 
and on
lst search Index to Legal Materials. THERE IS MORE I HAVE SORT OF  LISTED TOP
100+ ARTICLES****


The acid rain provisions of the Clean Air Act Amendments of l990: 
responsibility or political necessity?Temple Environmental Law & Technology
Journal Fall l99l  201-214. 

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Journal Winter l995  395-430.

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nitroen fertilizer and policy in the US New York University Environmental Law
Journal  l995 339-74. 

Assessing the EPA after twenty years: law, politics, and economics   Law and
Contemporary Problems  Autumn l99l 1-374 *****WHOLE ISSUE 

Baird, Kristina L No more excuses: adopt the Circle of Poison Prevention 
Act of
l99l  Cap;ital University Law Review Summer l992  963-85 

Bales, Jennifer S Transnational responsibility and recourse for ozone 
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review Summer l996 259-95.

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Community's and United States environmental regulations protecting air 
and water
quality Villanova Environmental Law Journal l994 ll5-62

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states mandate ZEV's without considering the alternatives or consequences
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy review Summer l996 333-7l.

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to the
Framework Convention on Climate Change will report on preventive efforts  The
National Law Journal Dec 4, l995  p. C9 col l

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in the United States (Symposium: Pollution Prevention)*****Georgia Law Review
Winter l995 349-448. MUST SYMPOSIUM WHOLE ISSUE*****

Bodansky, Daniel The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: A commentary
the Yale Journal of International Law  Summer l993  451-558. 

Brunet, Edward Debunking wholesale private enforcement of environmental 
(Symposium Free Market Environmentalism: The Role of the Market in 
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Symposium :
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marketable permits program Ecology Law Quarterly l993 103-117. 

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International Business Summer l994 1259-l286. 

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leanred to
stopped worrying and learned to love the EPA)  Loyola of LA Law Review 
Jan l996
585-644. ****

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Federal Clean Water Act  Santa Clara Law Review Fall l995  l269-l308. 

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