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E-Link: Geneva Press Release (fwd)


John Niedfeldt-Thomas

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Ozone Action
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July 10, 1996

Scientific Skeptics On Attack at International Meeting on Climate Change

(Geneva)  Today, Dr. Fred Singer attacked international efforts to reduce 
emissions of global warming gases caused by the burning of coal and oil.  An 
op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Singer entitled "Dump the Global Climate
Treaty" was mirrored in a press statement released today in Geneva, by Singer's 
Science and Environmental Policy Project which stated "Based on the evidence 
available [we] cannot subscribe to the so-called 'scientific consensus' that 
envisages climate catastrophes and advocates hasty actions."

Dr. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist, is at the vanguard of attacks on the 
international process, despite the fact he testified before the US Congress in 
September 20, 1995 that he hasn't conducted original, peer-reviewed research 
since 1971.  Dr. Singer also admitted to affiliations with Sun Myung Moon's 
Unification Church and having received consulting fees from Exxon, Shell and 
other fossil fuel interests on ABC News Nightline, February 24, 1994.  As 
recently as September 30, 1995 in the Columbus Dispatch, Dr. Singer admitted 
that he still "wants proof that chlorine is destroying the ozone layer or that 
the problem is serious."  

Dr. Singer has opposed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change consensus 
document as have coal and oil interests.  Dr. Singer is joined by: Dr. Robert 
Balling who has received over $300,000 from US fossil fuel interests, British  
and German coal companies and the Kuwaiti government; and Dr. Patrick Michaels 
who has received at least $167,000 from fossil fuel interests including the 
German Coal Mining Association.  

Dr. Michaels and Balling were part of a public relations experiment in 1991 
which purported to "reposition global warming as theory, not fact."  According 
to Kelly Sims of Ozone Action, "Efforts by Fred Singer and others to cast doubt 
on the most thorough, sophisticated and internationally-based consensus on 
climate change is part of a well-coordinated plan to mislead the public and 

Singer, Michaels and Balling are all co-signers of the Leipzig Declaration which
claims there is no scientific consensus regarding climate change.  Their 
evidence, much of which is taken out of context, is already refuted in the 
refereed peer-reviewed literature or is based on a very short satellite record 
rather than the preponderance of evidence, including long-term ground-based and 
balloon data.


For more information on the impact of corporate money on climate change policy, 
please request a copy of "Ties that Blind" from the contacts listed above.

Kalee Kreider, Communications Director
Ozone Action
1621 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20009
work  +1 202 265 6738
fax   +1 202 986 6041

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