600.250 User Interfaces & Mobile Applications [Selinski]



Assignments will be posted here in chronological order. Please also refer to the course timeline for the big picture.


General Instructions

  • Android Platforms: unless otherwise specified, all android apps submitted for homework must have a min SDK version 4.0, API 14 (Ice Cream Sandwich, 2011) and the default Android Studio target SDK (currently 25).
  • Submission: All assignments must be submitted on Blackboard for credit. You will have to option to submit multiple times on Blackboard. Your final submission will be the only one graded and must include all assignment parts - no exceptions.
  • Late Policy: Only assignments submitted by the deadline can receive full credit. There will be a 5 hour grace period for late submissions. Submissions will get a 1 point deduction for each (partial) hour they are late. No assignments will be accepted after the grace period has ended. For example, if an assignment is due by 11pm on a Monday, but the final submission is at 1:15am on Tuesday, it will get a 3 point late deduction; after 4am it will not be accepted! There is no grace period for the final project submission on 5/13.
  • Questions: All questions should be asked in office hours or on Piazza, not through email. If Piazza questions are private in nature or include assignment solution portions, you must post privately for (all) instructors only. Otherwise it is best to post publicly (you can be anonymous).