600.250 User Interfaces & Mobile Applications [Selinski]



Welcome to the website for UIMA - Spring 2017. Announcements will be listed here or on our Piazza site.

  • Sign-up for our Q&A discussion board on Piazza: piazza.com/jhu/spring2017/600250 as soon as possible!
  • Complete the downloads listed below to configure your laptop for use in this course.
  • If you are new to the CS department, complete an account form for Joanne to authorize. Then remember to see Steve, with your J-card, in Malone G-61A to get CS Lab access (usually available 12:30-2:30pm weekdays).
  • Getting onto the Hopkins wireless network from an android device may require a few set-up steps. Here you can find instructions from JHU IT. The trick is getting a wireless connection long enough to go through the JHARS registration using the browser on a phone or tablet. Also, there is a wireless timeout setting you can access by hitting the menu key when in wi-fi settings and choosing advanced. It might help to make the wireless sleep setting "never".


Some of these tools are available on the CS ugrad machines, but you'll want a local copy as well. Please download and configure them as soon as possible. Installing and using AndroidStudio and other emulators can be a battery drain - consider yourself warned!

  • Java SDK downloads: minimally you need JDK 7 and JRE 6 to work with Android Studio. You don't need NetBeans or JSEE for this course. You probably already have Java installed, but if not, do this before you install Android Studio.
  • Android Developer Tools: download Android Studio (the most recent stable version) - we'll be using this for app development. Once installed, you'll need to also grab a bunch of API versions - starting minimally with API 14, up to and including 23. Go to Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager
  • GenyMotion recommended emulator (there is a free personal version if you read carefully), integrates with Android Studio but
    • Requires a VirtualBox installation with networking enabled (install instructions)
    • after downloading install the plug-in for Android Studio (AndroidStudio -> Preferences -> Plugins)
  • Check back regularly - these will be added as the semester progresses.
  • 2/8: Sample HiLo (bad) app zip file
  • 2/10: Design review worksheet: docx, pdf
  • 2/10: RAK designs: one, two, three, four, five
  • 2/13: The main files for DeStress for lifecycle and data persistence
  • 2/16: Quiz 1 Sample and Quiz 2 Sample from a prior semester - topic coverage will be broken down differently and some new topics may be included.
  • 2/17: a1B PiggyBank designs for in-class review
  • 2/24: A project example using a nav drawer and fragments. Also has floating button and action bar.
  • 3/1: landscape app (YardPro)
  • 3/3: Assignment 2 Driver's Ed designs are posted.
  • 4/5: Fragment Database code for class demo and exercise.