Java 121

Hi. I'm John and I have a home page. This fact in no way makes me special. Many people, companies, and organizations have home pages. This one is mine.

As far as I can tell, there are only four reasons why anyone ever comes to my home page. Please pick the one that you find appropriate.

I am working with you on the JDSL
I am currently working on the Java Data Structures Library for Dr. Mike Goodrich. It is our hope (Dr. Goodrich, myself, and other members of the research team) that we can produce faster, more efficient, and more robust data structure classes than are currently available in such libraries as the JDK or ObjectSpace's JGL.

I was your TA for Java 121
I was the head teaching assistant for Dr. Dwight Wilson for the fall and spring semesters of the 1996-97 school year. My pages therefore contain many code examples in Java as well as the solutions to past homeworks.

I am your Rowing Coach
I have been the novice mens' coach for the Johns Hopkins Rowing Team for the past two years. If you are one of my rowers then I likely have your current performance (distances, times, and attendance) posted. Many people feel placing such data in a public forum is both cruel and embarrassing. Well, too bad.

I owe you money
I have no memory of what you claim. I was not in Reno, Nevada last January. Yes, I'm sure that the strawberry blonde was my sister and not a Swedish call girl named Belinda. As far as I can recall, you've always had that tattoo of George Went on your left buttock. No, I don't know what the flamingo dancer did with your blender.

If the above options do not satisfy your query than I am sorry that you have found my pages lacking. I am only one man. However, I am satisfied with my current state of being and have no particular desire to change in order to satisfy your whims. I am the same man today that I was yesterday. I think it highly likely that I will be that same man tomorrow.

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