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Most Recent Version:
beta v0.99 r3
Development Version:
v0.99 r4

Known Bugs

The current release of YapBib is a beta release. I use the software currently and am rapidly fixing any bugs that I find. Please email with bug reports and feature requests.


  1. Crash upon adding author/category editing the details of an article.
    Version Found - v0.99 r1
    Temp Workaround - Edit the article ASCII file by hand. Follow the format for other articles. The list of comma delimited authors (via their filename JDoe.dat eg.) is the first line of an article file. No spaces between commas and authors!
    Version Fixed - v0.99 r2

  2. Cannot create a new database if the path has a space in it. (eg: C:\Program Files\testdb)
    Version Found - v0.99 r2
    Temp Workaround - Do not create the database in a directory with a space in the pathname. (eg: C:\Documents\testdb). Use the Favorites button to navigate to a different directory.

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