A MATLAB interface to grabbing live video (analog/digital) images through XVision2. You do not need XVision2 to use this, but you will need a ieee1394 firewire camera installed or a BT Frame Grabber. This package has been implemented and tested on Linux 2.4 kernels and will not function in windows.

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This package contains an interface for snapping images from a
video-stream while inside of MATLAB. 

Jason Corso (jcorso@cs.jhu.edu)

It uses XVision2 on the backend as the video grabber and shared-memory
to actually transfer the image.

Package Contents:

Makefile     -- in case you need to make and change snapvideo.cc
snapvideo.cc -- the server program that grabs images. 
snapvideo    -- the i386 binary server program 
snapper.c    -- a test c program that acts as a client and gets the most
                 recent image from the server and saves it as foo.ppm 
snapper      -- the i386  binary test client program 
mex_snapper.c      -- the mex source interfaces with matlab and the
                       included in case you need to make a change. 
mex_snapper.mexglx -- the binary file needed in your working directory
                      for this to work.
xv_snapshot.m      -- the matlab m-script which is called from matlab
README             -- this file.

To Run:

1 - start the server
       '  %>  snapvideo bt  '    for analog Bt8x8 video
       '  %>  snapvideo dig '    for digital ieee1394 video
2 - from inside of matlab
       '  >  I = xv_snapshot;  '   will grab an image
       '  >  imshow(I);        '   will show the image
3 - kill the server when you are done by typing ctrl-c

NOTE:  You must send the program a SIGINT in order to allow it to detach
and delete from shared memory segments and semaphores.

last updated: 2001.07.25; © jcorso