books to keep in mind
  1. The Man Who Wasn't There (Movie, added, 7/9/02)
    While, at times, the plot seems to thin and become cliche, the marvelous directing by the Coen brothers and superb dialogue made this one of my favorite films. Billy Bob Thornton's character, Ed Crain, made the movie worth seeing; a cigarette permanently affixed to his lip, Crain's reserved manner are in stark contrast to the supreme role he serves through the movie.
  2. Mindwalk (Movie, added 5/29/02)
    See it, please just see it. How has our modern worldview gone wrong, gone awry? They spend two hours chatting away from three (diametrically opposed?,nonsense) viewpoints. A wonderful film to watch, but a better film to watch with friends and join in the discussion.
  3. The Turning Point, Capra (added 5/29/02)
  4. A New Kind Of Science, Wolfram (added 5/29/02)
  5. Everything Put Together (Movie,added 5/29/02)
  6. Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood; Oliver W. Sacks (added 3/29)
    I found the book to be an enjoyable adventure not only through the young life of Oliver Sacks but also through the young life a chemistry. He painted a picture of the youth of the field that strives to answer without uncertainty all questions about the structure of our planet and our universe. The liberal use of anecdotes throughout the writing made the material far more digestable to a green chemist like myself without turning the book into a fairytale.
  7. The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Milan Kundera (added 4/01)
  8. Session Nine (Movie, Horror, added 4/01)
    Not being too much of a horror-movie watcher, I have little to compare this movie to. I found it intriguing and much better than the short segments I have seen from other contemporary horror movies: Scream, Jason, etc. The story could have used some more development with less of a punch at the end.
  9. A Farewell To Arms; Hemingway (added 4/01)