glmap hack

This page contains info about a hack I wrote that uses shared memory to feed a full-frame rate video stream (via XVision2) into an OpenGL/GLUT program
Code is here (use tar xvvjf)

There are two programs included: glmapTest, glmapConsole. glmapTest is the server version of the code which allocates some shared memory for the video stream and feeds it to the gl program. It uses XVision2 to do this; it used a XVDig1394 video interface (firefly). glmapConsole is the simple graphical display gl code which reads the current buffer from shared memory and displays it.
Beware, the code is a hack!

With S2 (320x240), I get 30/30 video frames and 60/30 gl redraws per second.
With S1 (640x480), I get 15/15 video frames and 12/15 gl redraws per second.
Note that this code is running on my laptop(M4) with mediocre hardware acceleration. The current version of XVision2 does not use hardware accel'd (Video4Linux) YUV->RGB mapping.

last updated: 2001.08.27; © jcorso