Talia Gail Eisner

(me at 3 days old)
(i'm glad to see you, inasmuch as i can see anything ...
i just don't know how to smile yet)

Hi! My name is Talia ("TAHL-ya"). My biggest accomplishment so far is being born, which I achieved on 11/7. This is a very lucky date for someone like me who plays a lot of craps.

(I weighed 7 lbs 5 oz, and my full birthdate was 11/7/2003 at 13:29. The numbers prove I'm a prima donna through and through, like most babies.)

My second biggest accomplishment is that I once let my parents sleep for almost two whole hours.

Tal is Hebrew for "dew," and Talia means "God's dew" (is there any other kind?). A common nickname is Tali, but as I grow up, people might also call me Tal, Lia, or even Lee. My parents sometimes call me Honeydew and other things too embarrassing to post publicly.

I have a whole lot of relatives, according to my genealogist grandma. They include a dad who is expected to make my webpage and a mom who likes to read. Pretty soon, my dad will post pictures of other relatives holding me.

My 0th Birthday

I'm 5 minutes old - someone come pay attention to me!
Whew, someone finally showed up.
I'm glad I have parents. Not to mention an ecstatic grandma ...
... and uncle and aunt. (And several more relatives and friends. Thanks for coming to my birthday party!)

1 Day Old

(Mommy calls me "Sweet Potato Burrito" when I'm all wrapped up like this.)
When I'm feeling sophisticated, I dress up in my pink hat and go out with Grandma Renée. But sometimes I just need something to suck on.

2 Days Old

At 2 days old, I calmed down and went home to live.

3 Days Old

I'm hungry all the time while I figure out this sucking thing. Uncle Danny brought some dinner, but I keep getting thinner ... Talia et alia
Hello world!

4 Days Old

Daddy thinks he's giving me some extra (pre-pumped) nutrition along with his finger, but he doesn't know I yanked out the tube.
Ha ha! Silly Daddy!

1 Week Old

Who's the rubber ducky now? The caped superheroine, Squirmy Girl, gets her second bath, after an exhausting morning fighting poopy diapers.

My Great-Great-Aunt Glo (among others) came to see me, and my Grandpa Mark came back.

(Since I came home, my grandmas have been taking turns living with me, and my grandpas have been coming for shorter trips. My parents hope this will continue until my bat mitzvah.)

2 Weeks Old

There are no pictures here, just a horrible emptiness, because all my grandparents left. Waaah!

3 and 4 Weeks Old

Pictures of my baby naming and other visits are coming, but they're currently stuck inside the camera due to some kind of memory corruption ...

Negative 13 Years Old

My dad dreamed about my birth way back in 1990, when I was just a preconceived notion.

3 Years Old

Update! I have a new baby brother Lev.

Hmmm, I also look rather different now. My Daddy ought to update my website with new pictures, and consign my baby pictures to a separate page.

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