Henry C. Lin
PhD Student, (C.V.)

CSEB 136
Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab
Department of Computer Science
Advisor: Dr. Gregory D. Hager

NEB 224
3400 N. Charles St.
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218

hcl at cs dot jhu dot edu
(609) 721-3759




General areas include computer vision, computer integrated surgery, human-computer interaction, robotics, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, data mining and bioinformatics/bioengineering.

Language of Surgery - Investigating the existence of a structured language in surgery through the use of statistical processing, computer vision, robotic surgery, speech processing, and linguistics. The motivation is to create benchmarks for surgical skill evaluation, develop methods for better surgical training, and to automate the documentation of surgeries for libraries.
Topics: statistics, computer vision, speech processing, data mining, linguistics
Funding: (2005-present, NSF main award, IREE supplement, and Link fellowship funded)
Human-Machine Collaborative Systems - Developing techniques for designing systems that amplify or assist human physical capabilities when performing tasks that require learned skills, judgement and dexterity. Robot-assisted retinal vein cannulation combined robotics, virtual fixtures, and computer vision to help reduce the tremors of the surgeon and improve accuracy.
Topics: computer vision, robotics, virtual fixtures, mechanical design
Funding: (2003-2004, NSF main award funded)
Virtual Fixtures and Robotics - Investigating the portability and applicability of virtual fixtures across medical and manufacturing tasks. A commercially available motion platform by Invenios is used for this research.
Topics: robotics, virtual fixtures, mechanical design
Funding: (2004-2005, NSF SBIR funded)



  • 600.161 - Exploring Vision in the Real World - Matlab Intensive (2007, 2008, 2009)
  • 600.161 - Exploring Vision in the Real World (2006)

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